Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Best pregnancy pillow – Serenity Star Pillow Introduction

Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant WomenThe Serenity Star Pillow is among the most popular and recent maternity pillows that is created by Moonlight Slumber. Some customers refer to the pillow as the best pregnancy pillow. Basically, it is a massive pillow that contains three parts which a pregnant woman may lie on during her pregnancy’s latter stages, where it is necessary to sleep on her sides. It is used in elevating the woman’s tummy and supporting the baby. It also helps with the correct feeding positioning. In light of the maternity pillow’s considerable acclaim, it is crucial to look into its benefits along with the disadvantages it possesses.

Why Is This The Best Pregnancy Pillow? Serenity Star Pillow Features

The pillow consists of three primary sections. There is a custom-made pillowcase which fits these three pieces. You may remove the pillowcase after birth so that the baby may utilize the pillow as they grow.

Benefits or Pros of using the Serenity Star Pillow

1. Its use is lengthy. Most competing maternity pillows are usable only during a woman’s pregnancy; the latter stages of the pregnancy, at that. They virtually become useless after giving birth and numerous persons dispose of them, offer them to pregnant friends or relatives, or sell them. However, a Serenity Star Pillow is designed such that you may utilize it from your pregnancy through to your child’s preschool age. This increases its usefulness. After the pregnancy, you may take the maternity pillow apart into three sections. The pillow’s curved section may be utilized in helping to support the baby as learn how to sit up. The pillow’s two longer sides may be utilized in preventing the baby from roaming too far.

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Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women2. This is the top pregnancy pillow that acts like a sleeping aid. It allows the pregnant woman to sleep on either of her sides. This is the sleeping position that virtually all medical experts like gynecologists recommend. Sleeping on her side, particularly the left side, is ideal for her baby’s overall health. In addition, sleeping on her side ensures that the mother that the mother remains cool during nights as she sleeps. The pillow further offers comfort at nights, which is among the toughest tasks while pregnant. The pillow contours to the woman’s body to offer the utmost support. Its U-shaped design guarantees that both sides offer support, which is a massive relief to expectant mothers that often switch sides. Using this maternity pillow ensures that the expectant mother wakes each morning free of pain and feeling refreshed.

3. You may custom order the maternity pillow. One significant issue that numerous expectant mothers have with maternity pillows is their size. Some pillows are too short or they are too long for the mother. This is particularly cumbrous if they seek a pillow which will adequately support their feet. Numerous women find it discomfiting if their feet hang off the pillow’s end. Moonlight Slumber is the best pregnancy pillow company that offers custom orders so that women’s pillow fit their bodies perfectly.

4. It feels like a single pillow. Most persons might fear that the pillow having three parts will be noticeable. However, when you put the pillows into the pillowcase to form the U-shape, there is virtually no discernible difference. As such, it is nearly impossible to tell that the maternity pillow contains separate parts. This is chiefly due to the pillowcase’s superior design that guarantees each part remains snug alongside each other.

5. The pillow is cost-effective. Its price might seem steep. However, one may use it for years, unlike typical maternal pillows that only last until childbirth. In addition, retailers like Amazon offer free shipping to lower the overall purchase costs.Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Serenity Star Pillow Cons

1. You cannot select between pillowcase covers. The maternity pillow’s primary drawback is that it lacks pillowcases. Aside from white, there are only two other color choices. This might make the pillows boring to look at with time. However, you may rectify this issue by making or enlisting a friend to make an additional pillowcase that has a fabric color you desire.

2. The pillowcase might be costly for some. To numerous persons, the cost of nearly 100 US dollars is too steep. Most maternal pillows cost 80 US dollars or less. Though the value is seen with its long-term use, some persons simply will not spend that much.

Serenity Star Pillow – The Best Pregnancy Pillow

The Serenity Star Pillow is undoubtedly among the best pregnancy pillow. Though pricier than its competition, it offers more features and more durability. Get the best price and save when buying the Serenity Star Pillow, click here.Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Best Breastfeeding Tips

According to a research that has been done, 90% of the mothers in the world breast feed. In the western world, there are the lowest rates whereas in the UK, the rate of breastfeeding is very low.

The failure of women to breast feed has led to introduction of breast feeding formula. The breast feeding formula changes the acidity level in the stomach of the baby. This makes it hard to kill unwanted viruses / bacteria. This also has a disadvantage of reducing the mother’s milk. Breast feeding is very essential for the growth of the child. The size of the breast does not matter when breast feeding. The breast feeding formula can also cause constipation.

Best Breastfeeding TipsSome mothers think that breast feeding can ruin the shape of their breast. That is not the case, when a mother stops breast feeding, the shape of the breast can go back to normal size.

Mothers with inverted or flat nipples does not have any problem while breastfeeding. Most of the women breast feed successfully with very little or no help.

Best Breastfeeding Tips

The world health organization recommends that breast feeding should take a minimum of six months. Also, breast feeding can continue up to two years or more. The reason why the WHO recommends breast feeding to be done for a minimum period of six months is that, the baby’s intestines can take six months to develop fully. If other food is introduced other than breast milk, it causes an allergic reaction , eczema and inflammation of the baby’s intestinal tract.

Breast feeding mothers who become pregnant while they are breast feeding, should continue breast feeding.

Exclusive breast feeding can cause the periods not to return for up to a period of one year. This is a natural and a safer method of making the gap between the children to be longer. This is beneficial to both the mother and the child. But, breast feeding should not be relied on as a family planning method.

In the case of mothers who are HIV infected, there is milk banks which are safe to use. The maternity hospital milk bank was started in 1939 and up to now it is very strong. They have rescued the lives of many babies. The milk bank organization, will continue saving the lives of the babies in future.

The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk: Foreword by Martha Sears, RN

HIV positive status

Research has been done and is still going on about mothers who are HIV positive. Some of the studies have revealed that a child who is born by a mother who is HIV positive have a better chance of becoming negative if exclusive breast feeding is done. This is because the immune system matures.

Best Breastfeeding TipsHormones required for breast feeding

There are two hormones that are produced when breast feeding. These are:

Prolactin: after delivery, the placenta separates from the uterus. This increases prolactin level , thus signaling the body to produce milk. When a baby is suckling the breast, the prolactin levels increases. This hormone is also referred to as “milk producing hormone”


This an hormone which is released in the mother’s body when the baby suckles at the breast. It assists to contract the alveoli in the breast to be able to squeeze the milk to the nipples where the baby can get it easily. The importance of this hormone is that, it contracts the uterus when the mother has delivered. This will reduce bleeding. This also helps to promote the bond between the mother and the baby. This is the hormone which is also referred to as the feel good hormone this is because it assists the mother to feel calm and relaxed.

How to recognize a let down: As the baby suckles the breasts, then the mother should know that oxytocin has done its job. When the mother feels tingling sensation in the breasts, this is referred to as Let down. This means that the milk is being transferred from the back of the breast .

Most of the mothers do not feel the let down in a number of weeks after delivery. If a mother is having problems in achieving the let down, the mother should try to relax and think of the baby. The mother should also pump to be able to get the let down and then breast fed the baby.

Advanced Maternal Age Risks

Advanced Maternal Age RisksAdvanced maternal age risks is an old medical term that was used to refer to pregnancy at an age of thirty five and above. It was considered that conceiving over the age of thirty five was risky, but research has shown a high success rate though there are many complications that come along. Chances of conception after the age of thirty five are low because age reduces the fertility of the egg from the late 30s. However, conception beyond this age depends on the health status of the mother, but of much concern is the associated risks. There are numerous complications that may arise from advanced maternal age which include chromosomal defects,still births, maternal deaths, miscarriages, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Chromosomal Defects:

Advanced maternal age is linked with increase in chromosomal defects. These are genetic complications that may bring health risks to the baby. Some of the common chromosomal defects are the down syndrome and cystic fibrosis. There are no medical cures for these defects but they can be handled if detected by the doctor early enough. In most countries, doctors advice patients to terminate pregnancies if genetic defects are noted early. The most prevalent of these complications is down syndrome, which is a defect associated with eggs that have aged. Research suggests that as the eggs get old, they are prone to errors that cause trisomies. One of the trisomies, which is trisomy 21 is what is called down syndrome. These chromosomal defects can be curbed through the use of a special preconception diet that has a high concentration of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, D, and zinc.


The risk of miscarriages in advanced maternal age is caused by the presence of other genetic defects. These defects cause miscarriages because of the tests that must be carried in expectant women to determine their presence. One of the tests carried out on advanced maternal age mothers is amniocentesis. The test greatly increases chances of miscarriage in both advanced and early maternal ages. Besides this, most miscarriages occur during the first four months of pregnancy and usually increase with increase in age because of reduced quality of the egg. At the age of forty five, women experience a fifty percent chance of miscarriage. The risk of miscarriage can however be reduced through the use of homeopathic drugs which induce hormonal balance before and during pregnancy.

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Advanced Maternal Age RisksStill Births:

Still births constitute common risks associated with advanced maternal age. This is a term referring to death of a fetus after twenty weeks of pregnancy. It is two times higher than normal in women conceiving at the age of forty and beyond. These deaths are not common during birth, and may be detected through a test called ultrasonography.


Advanced maternal age risks include gestational diabetes as well. This is a diabetic infection that develops during pregnancy. Its effect is a resulting big baby, with a risk of being injured during birth. It results from increased levels of glucose in the blood after pregnancy. Almost 18 % of all women experience gestational diabetes. It is a dangerous infection that will cause low blood sugar levels to the baby after birth, and sometimes type 2 diabetes some time during the child’s life.

High blood pressure:

High blood pressure may develop in women that have not experienced the problem before. The most chronic type called preeclampsia mostly affects women above the age of thirty five and the unborn babies too. It usually happens in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy and may cause organ failure,stroke, death and even failure to both the mother and the baby.

Other complications:

Other problems associated with advanced maternal age may include placental problems. The placenta develops a problem called previa, whereby the placenta develops and covers the cervix. This brings difficulties with vaginal birth, necessitating Cesarian section.

Premature birth can not be left out. This is birth of a baby before term. Premature birth poses learning problems to the child.

Conclusively, though advanced maternal age may be preferred for conception due to financial and other related issues, the risks that come along are many and should be taken into consideration, to avoid risking both the lives of the mother and baby.

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

When a woman of 35 years or more becomes pregnant, she is deemed to be of advanced maternal age. As a female gets older, her egg stores diminish and the remaining ones might not be as viable and healthy as they were during the post puberty period.

Advanced Maternal Age PregnancyMedical experts (obstetricians) highly recommend women past the age of 35 years to seek advanced health care during pregnancy as they have higher risks of complicated pregnancies. Though not all women experience complications, obstetricians have to give close medical attention, in case of any emergency.

Risks Associated with Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a notable pregnancy risk for women in this age group. It is a chromosomal defect believed to be caused by aging eggs. When women reach 40 years, approximately one in every 400 of them have a risk of giving birth to an infant with Down syndrome. For women past this age, the risk of this condition becomes particularly high – by the age of 49, an estimated one in every 12 pregnant women will conceive infants with Down syndrome. Your obstetrician will demand for chronic villous sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis to assess the possibility of Down syndrome in the fetus.

Fraternal Twins

This age is also associated with the risk of having a fraternal twin pregnancy. Besides age, the total number of pregnancies also comes into focus. For instance, if a 35-year old woman becomes pregnant and she has had four pregnancies prior to the current one, then she is 2-3 times likely to give birth to fraternal twins.

Other Health Risks

Advanced Maternal Age PregnancyAs women grow older, they are more prone to conditions and diseases related to aging, such as, hypertension, arthritis, and diabetes. A number of these conditions, coupled with the general age of the body, can easily increase the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature labour and gestational diabetes.

Risks Associated with Tests performed on Women of Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancies

The two common tests recommended for women with advanced maternal age pregnancy, amniocentesis and CVS, are known to increase the possibility of miscarriage. However, this possibility is less than one-percent. Note that these tests are not mandatory and are not necessary for obstetric care; hence the woman ought to weigh the risks of undergoing amniocentesis and CVS with the gains of undergoing early tests to detect any possible health conditions that may affect the fetus. CVS is conducted in the initial stages of the pregnancy, but it tends to cause more problems than amniocentesis which is conducted later on.

Managing Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

The management of advanced maternal age patients depends on what the individual prefers. Generally, patients ought to be offered screening tests during the pregnancy period to evaluate if the woman faces potential risks. A common test involves drawing blood from the woman and examining hormone levels according to the stage of the pregnancy.

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Today, ultrasounds can be performed to check the “nuchal translucency” or, simply, the thin fat pad found at the back of the fetus’ neck. This is vital for Down syndrome infants that usually have a thick nuchal fold.

Advanced Maternal Age PregnancyAnother effective tool used in the management of maternal age pregnancies is the detailed ultrasound (Level II). This also aids in the screening of chromosomal abnormalities, including, neural tube defects, Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Down syndrome.

The advancement of technology in the medical world has also made it possible to conduct tests that trace the tiny amounts of DNA released by the infant into its mother’s bloodstream. These tests can detect any deformities and are more effective when combined with other related medical tests.


No matter which single test or combination of test is performed, patients must always remember that these tests are only meant to screen for abnormalities and not to diagnose any complication or condition. These tests are not very efficient in pointing out where the problem in the woman’s body. In addition, it has been discovered that most of these screening tests produce high rates of false positive results. Thus, it is vital for patients to understand the possibilities of such mishaps to avoid any unnecessary worries in case a positive result is obtained during testing. If a positive test is obtained, the mother must be undergo counseling and undertake further invasive tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Career And Motherhood Tips

Everyone no matter where you come from has one big story to tell about the most important person in their lives, your mother. We owe all our gratitude in upbringing to our mother; this doesn’t mean that our father parents contributed nothing towards our upbringing. But truth be told, our mothers were the ones who introduced us to this world, and have played the greatest role in the persons we are right now.

Career And Motherhood TipsDue to the changes in the economic conditions of the world today, the traditional father figure playing the sole provider of the family has been replaced with both the parents going to work to try and fend for the family. There has also been an upsurge of single mothers in the world, who have to act as a father and mother to their new born.

Because of the pressure to provide a quality life and education for their children both married mothers and single mothers have been forced to go into employment. The biggest challenge that they always face is trying to balance motherhood and career. This has proved to be a very tricky and challenging affair. Being a professional woman and at the same time a mother can be very difficult considering the fact that they are both stressing, demanding as much as they are rewarding.

Imagine yourself in their shoes, juggling between difficult jobs and motherhood where you have to be a mother to your children, a wife to your husband and to the single mothers, a father and mother to your children. This can be very overwhelming but with proper planning and time management, it is without doubt that you can be successful in both.

Career And Motherhood Tips – Best Balancing Act

Have an organized schedule- this will help you plan on all your house chores and other tasks efficiently. Plan when you will be doing things like laundry, general cleaning, cooking, including picking and dropping off the kids and extracurricular activities not forgetting to create some time to rest. For the married moms you can engage you partner to help you in handling some of the tasks.

Career And Motherhood TipsBe where you are at that moment- by this I mean leave your work at work. Anything related to your work should be left in the office. Make sure that your cell phone is turned off and your laptop left at the office. This enables you to be mindful, giving 100% focus to your work when at work and 100% focus to your children and husband when at home.

Ask for assistance where necessary- the most successful people are those who seek help and receive it. Do not try to be a super human which you are not. You can do this by asking your husband if married, your neighbor, in- laws or even hiring help. This would help you concentrate on one thing and do it to the best.

Stay true to yourself. This would even mean creating quality time to bond with your children and time for your husband if married. This would involve helping your children with their assignments or creating time to take them for a walk or read them stories books. For your husband you might consider going out for a date with him or preparing a special dinner for him. This would mean working at a place that allows employees to be true to them. You also need to put into consideration the fact that some jobs are not right for you.

Try to be the best employee- this one would work for those who have not yet had children. When you still have time to focus on your job, be the best you can. Understand what is wanted of you at work then and if possible how to rise in the ranks. This will help you be more flexible when you are a working mother as the company may allow you to considering you are an outstanding employee.

Create time for yourself- you cannot always be there for everyone. You also need to take care of yourself. You might consider treating yourself to a spar or parlor, hitting the gym, going for a manicure or pedicure or hanging out with your girl friends. It is a method of relaxation and getting of all your stress.

Trying to balance the two demanding duties in your life doesn’t mean that you let one suffer. Have in mind that the key to success is being able to balance the two.

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maternity pants

When you are pregnant, it can be hard to find a pair of comfortable maternity trousers that really fit correctly. Pregnant bodies contort in strange ways that make wearing regular womens’ pants impossible. It is very important, though, for pregnant women to go out of their way to find pants that fit well. Having clothes that are comfortable can make the pregnancy experience much easier and less stressful.

Important Factors For Maternity Pants Purchases

If you are pregnant and looking for the perfect pants, there are a few different factors that you should strongly consider. You should never have to settle for second-best when it comes to what you wear while pregnant. Instead, you should find maternity trousers that are affordable and that can conform to your body and work for you.

maternity pantsThe most important thing to consider when shopping for any type of maternity clothing is comfort. When you are pregnant, it can be very hard to get comfortable. Having uncomfortable pants definitely does not help. You should search for pants that have a soft material that will feel comfortable on your tender stomach. You should also make sure to find pants that are large enough to accommodate your baby bump. Make sure that you always buy trousers that are intended to be for pregnant women. You will not find a comfortable fit with regular pants. If you attempt to just wear larger regular pants instead of maternity pants, you will find that they are too long and loose on your legs.

Another important factor to consider is the fashion of the pants. While it can be easy to just wear sweat pants all of the time, they are not very suitable for an office environment. You should purchase some dressy pants that you can wear for any purpose. Do not settle for drab, unflattering clothes just because you are pregnant. There are plenty of maternity clothes that can show off your fashion sense. Even if you are home on maternity leave, dressing up every once in a while can make you feel refreshed and better about yourself.

Lastly, it is very important to consider the price of the pregnancy trousers. When you are pregnant, you want to pinch every penny to make sure that you can afford to meet all of the needs of your new baby. Spending a lot of money on maternity clothing will take away from that new baby budget. You should also remember that maternity clothes will not be wearable for very long after you give birth, so you should not spend too much on them. When considering what maternity clothes to buy, compare prices between different stores and items. You might be able to find some good discounts that you would not expect!

Maternity Pants Review: Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Dress Pant Review

Three Seasons offers several different colors of maternity dress pants. These pants, which are made of mostly polyester, include an elastic seam in the waist to make them suitable for pregnant women. They perfectly conform around the stomach without being too loose on the legs. The material is soft and comfortable, so you will find yourself wanting to wear them all the time. They are attractive and suitable for any type of occasion, whether it be work, school, or going out.

Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Comfortable Lounge Pants (M, Contrast Band – Coral)


1. Soft material (polyester, rayon, and spandex blend) that feels good against the skin

2. Dressy enough to wear for nicer occasions and work

3. Elastic band makes them perfect for a pregnant woman’s body

4. Available in three different colors: grey, black, and brown


1. Run a little bit small and might not fit all women correctly (consider ordering a size up)

2. Elastic band can be stiff against stomach

Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Dress Pant Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect maternity clothes is the bane of many pregnant women. Finding good maternity dress pants is especially difficult; it can be very hard to find pants that let you look good at important events and in front of your co-workers while still feeling comfortable against your tender belly. Making clothes that fit the strange body shape of a pregnant woman can be difficult to do, and many companies have not quite figured it out yet. Three Seasons has. With their dress pants designed for pregnant women, Three Seasons has found the perfect blend of attractiveness and comfort. You will never have to wear sweat pants out of the house again!

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best maternity jeggings

Ma best maternity jeggingsternity should not stop you from dressing with style. Here we help you find the best maternity jeggings for your needs.
Rosie Pope Women’s stretch twill jegging is the best maternity jegging you can get in the market. It comes with a soft and nice panel around the mid-belly and it has two nice back pockets that make it as useful as your pair of jeans. The stretch twill jegging is a slip into design that is easy to wear even in your last months of pregnancy. The jegging pants are affordable and they cost less than a hundred dollars so with a budget of around $250 you could get three of the best maternity jegging pants. Rosie Pope jegging pants are the best choice for first time mothers. They save you from the headache of stocking your maternity wardrobe.

Pros of the Rosie Pope Women’s Stretch Twill Jegging – the best maternity jeggings

Fitting and adjustment to your body size

You will always expect to add some pounds in the maternity period. By your fifth month, you thighs will be fuller and your hips will also show some considerable expansion. Rosie Pope jeggings give enough space for stretching and you can be guaranteed that you will fit in then even in the ninth month. The good thing with these special jegging pants is that after pregnancy, you will still look good in them.


Rosie Pope twill jegging are available in many different and nice colors. You can choose to buy three different colors to match with your maternity tops. Some of the common colors are black, beige and ash gray. They are also available in different lengths so you do not have to fold at the bottom if you are short, you can get a shorter length that will fit you properly. The available sizes range from X-small, small, medium and large. The best maternity jegging comes in different materials ranging from khaki, corduroy and leggings. With such variety, you can get a number of different Rosie pope jegging materials for work.

Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Tall Stretch Denim Jeggings White Twill,14 T

Best maternity jeggings Design

The bottom of the pants around the ankles is also uniquely design and this just proves the Rosie Pope is the best maternity jegging. This unique design at the bottom also makes it comfortable for you to wear flat shoes without stepping on the rear part of the jegging. The panel and the binding on the jegging are comfortable and soft and you do not feel them when you are wearing these unique stretch jegging. You will still look good in the slim fit design of the jegging just like models look in them. For the bold ladies, you can even decide to wear a tucked in top and the Rosie pope jegging with some matching high heels and you will certainly turn heads as you pass.

The new legging jegging is a nice design that is quite affordable and it still has the soft interior that makes it feel comfortable on your body. The khaki and corduroy jegging can be matched with shirts of the same material or you can pull a suit design by wearing them with jackets of nice coats of the same material.

 best maternity jeggings

Comfort of  best maternity jeggings

Unlike most of the maternity pants and jegging that are over-belly and cover you up to the bust, Rosie pope only covers the lower half of the belly and you can easily adjust it as you want. This makes it comfortable for all you activities. You can sleep in them comfortably. These jegging do not leave a line engraved on your tummy and since they hold onto the body properly, you can wear them with any dress top and you will still look stylish. You decide how comfortable you want to be with these unique jegging pants. If you love your pants really tight, you choose a smaller size and if you love some space in your jegging pants, you can get fitting jegging. The good thing is that the jegging does not expressly show your body features in a provocative way.


There is only one problem with the jegging parts. They get tighter as you edge closer to delivery. If you buy them in your first month of pregnancy and you get a fitting jegging, by the time you hit the seventh month, you will be feeling squeezed around the waist and they might be slightly uncomfortable.

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