Baby Jumper

Babies are precious members for any families as they do not just learn, play and grow but make everyone around them learn, play, laugh, dance and make them happy. A baby is a charm in every family and parents while teaching them learn a lot in life too. With their cuteness, innocence and playful nature that creates a positive and healthy environment at homes, all members of family are bound together watching them play around. And that is why parents love to take care of their babies and toddlers with all love and caring. When a baby gives so much joy to a family, it naturally drives parents and family members to give something in return. And what best can be than an activity toy that your babies can play and interact with. Baby jumper is one such activity toy with which your baby can jump, hump, play and fiddle with it that helps him/her learn and understand things with joy and smile on face.

Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper Purchase Tips:

Kids II, a dedicated brand for innovative products are aimed at becoming a global expert for babies and toddlers. And it is with that dedication that baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper was created offering pure fun for your baby. This is an all-in-one busy works station for your baby with various different shapes and colours of objects in it that build curiosity in your baby to touch and play with it. With colourful lights, melodious music and an interactive piano that tells the name of shape in three different languages, this product is simply a tough competitor for best learning cum activity work stations for babies. With comfortable seating option that gives ample support to sit up and reach out to colourful charms hanging on to it, this simply offers a good stretching exercise that tones up tender muscles of your baby’s legs and arms. Baby jumper as the name suggests offers perfect support for jumping and humping to the tune of music, sounds, lights and colours. This offers complete safety for your baby so you need not worry when he/she is sitting and playing in it.

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The Features of Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper by Kids II for your Active Baby

Baby jumper is a feature rich personal activity station for your baby with high back support that provides complete safety and comfort in seating. This is ideal even for younger babies who are just beginning to try sitting up. The seat has 360 degree rotating action that allows your baby access all the objects and toys around the activity jumper. The rotating feature also encourages movement in your baby. It has four activity stations your baby can turn to enjoy 12 different activities that help them identify different colours and shapes. It includes an electric piano that introduces names of colours and shapes. It has a mirror, dancing lights, 6 classical melodies with 3 play modes and volume control, and all good enough to make your baby jump and dance with joy. The best part is it has in-built spinning rattle ball and a water filled teether so you do not have to have them separately. The bird shaped teether can be removed and refrigerated so you can hang it back washed and fresh that help maintains hygiene. Baby jumper even has a toy tray that includes activity loops to attach and play with. There are four Einstein links that allows attaching more toys which is a unique feature of this product. There are 5 height adjustable points for increasing height. The seat and play stations are all detachable so you can clean and attach it back. And the whole jumper is foldable so you can fold it keep it under the bed when not in use or simply carry in your car if you want.

Baby Jumper

Pros of this Baby Jumper

Well it can be a huge list as the features offered are amazing that no baby would resists:

1. It is very interactive with lot of options.

2. Colors, shapes, sounds and music are all incorporated in this one product.

3. Helps baby with activities like sitting up, reaching out, jumping and rotating.

4. Easy to remove and replace most parts for cleaning.

5. Option to attach more toys to the links provided so your baby can play safely with it.

6. Height adjustable so can be used from younger babies up to the age of a toddler.

7. Foldable and hence portable to carry anywhere or store when not in use.

Baby Jumper

Cons of this particular Baby Jumper

There are few cons but still worth for your baby:

1. It can be expensive compared to other activity products.

2. You cannot carry everywhere you go where your baby wants to play it.

3. Your baby might spend more time with it so when it’s time to feed you might find hard to separate him/her from it. But this is certainly an indication your baby is enjoying it, isn’t it?

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