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Joovy Spoon Walker Review – Best Baby Walker

Parents love this particular Best Baby Walker. What else could make a perfect gift for your baby than what teaches him or her to walk? I am writing this particular Joovy Spoon Walker Review to help more people learn about this incredible Baby Walker which I recently came across at Amazon. The name of the product self-explains every detail about it. Let’s take a look at whether the product really stands to what it claims it does. We will start by discussing the features as promised by the manufacturer of this particular baby walker.

Best Baby Walker – Joovy Spoon Walker Features:

best baby walkerGood Looks:

If you are looking for the best baby walker, then you should expect it to be aesthetically pleasing as well. The Joovy Spoon Walker comes with a practical and promising look. The spoon shaped frame blends with any article or object found in your home and kitchen decor, so storage doesn’t affect the beauty of your interiors. I keep my baby walker near the fridge in my kitchen. You may not require a separate room to keep the walker.

Sturdy Design:

Like any baby walker, it comes with a sturdy built, which is extra-light in weight. You may understand what I mean only after you hold and maneuver it around in your own hands. The moment you cast your look at it you feel it might be bulky or heavy. However, upon holding it upright you feel as if the entire case was made from polymer or aluminum. Besides, it is washable and is manufactured out of heavy-duty materials so just because it is not as heavy as it looks does not mean it is not absolutely strong.


The feature that truly makes the Joovy Spoon Walker the best baby walker is its portability. It can be folded into a small space and can be taken outside while traveling. When folded, it shrinks by more than third its size, which makes it extremely convenient for traveling and storage.

Why Choose the Joovy Spoon Walker?

There are good reasons why one should choose this product. Firstly, it is the price. It is hard to come across a product of such high quality and still pay less than the magic $100 value. Another reason was that my wife instantaneously fell in love with the elegant baby walker design the moment she saw the picture online. Apart from the budget, I noted that the walker is portable and can be easily moved while house shifting as well. It really helped us as we had to shift to our new home soon within a few months time, and I must confess that buying the Joovy Spoon Walker was indeed a sound decision.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

Best Baby Walker – Joovy Spoon Walker Pros:

-It is strongly build. The body is tough and is tightly fitted with a high-friction bottom. I tried checking the strength by bending the walker 45 degree and giving it a full push. To my surprise, it did not budge. Normally, most adult walking-aid sticks may have given away, but I was impressed by its strong grip and high-quality rubber friction.

-It is extra light. You may find this the moment you grab it in your hand. For a moment you won’t believe you are holding it.

-It is elegant. It looks angelic. A baby looks calm and happy using it.

-It is cheap. Against the strong material and elegant design, you may find $100 price as very cheap.

-No accessories are required. You may not require buying special baby walker shoes, as the walker can be operated with any kind of baby shoes. However, as a precaution avoid buying slippery shoes. At the same time, do not buy spiky or sharp edge bottom shoes, as babies are habitually putting stuff into their mouths.

Joovy Spoon Walker Cons:

Best Baby Walker-I wish the best baby walker was extendible, so it could be extended in length for grown-ups too. I hope such a product comes along for older citizens too, who require aid with walking.

-The product features all the qualities it could provide against its cost. I give full marks to the product designer for exploiting all avenues while conceptualizing such a product. It truly stands out as being the best baby walker. However, I wish there was a provision for trays to keep baby items such as toys, sanitizer and baby care products.

-I wish there was a Joovy Spoon Walkers store in our locality. So I could have browsed through different colors and designs.

Joovy Spoon Walker Recommendation:

Considering the extent of abilities it gives your child, I do have an opinion that it is a true priceless gift. Your child may not remember the gift when it grows up and not remember it the way he or she remembers the first bike or first car you buy for them. But, definitely, when they grow up to see an old picture of you holding them with the baby walker and playing with the baby walker, they may feel so proud upon recollecting about your concerns towards them as a child.

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