PlanMyBaby Review – What You Need to Know about The e-Guide PlanMyBaby

Married women all around the world would love to have a child to cuddle and sing to. Husbands would feel the pride of being fathers when they get to hold the baby they planned. The PlanMyBaby book and method might just be of help here.

PlanMyBabyTraditionally, couples would not know what gender their baby has until it is born. But with the help of technology, with the use of ultrasound, expectant parents can take a peek at how their baby is doing inside the womb before it is born. They are able to know the gender of their child before it comes out be part of the outside world.

Although many parents would accept and love their child all the same whether they get a boy or a girl, the satisfaction of having a child with a preferred gender is much more fulfilling. Many parents, especially mothers, go through a certain stage of depression when they do not get the baby they wanted although they love the one they bore. This can be a hard thing to deal with if you are that mother.

Let us look at a few things that planmybaby website can help you with:

PlanMyBaby Methods were Tested

According to the author of the book Prince or Princess? Choosing Your Baby’s Gender Before Conception, Alicia Pennington, she has had experienced the methods before she wrote them down. As a practicing midwife for 12 years, she had come in contact with hundreds of mothers and has helped them during their giving birth.

What challenged her to writing the book and offering her proven techniques was when she met a mother who was so depressed after giving birth to a third daughter when she was expectant she will have a son, too, to complete the family.

This set her on the quest of not only helping psychologically but actually providing information on how to make it possible that the gender of your baby can be chosen before conception. PlanMyBaby can be a help to desperate couples. It would not hurt to try.

According to testimonies from couples who have tried the methods, it was effective and they can live their lives to the fullest with their dream family. There are no risks involved since the methods are natural. And, it is 94% effective as quoted on the website.

What’s in the PlanMyBaby Book?

PlanMyBabyThe book contains lots of information that you can learn from. As a woman, a wife, and a mother or mother-to-be, it is healthy to read books like this. As mentioned earlier, there is no harm in trying so go for it.

According to author Alicia Pennington, her planning a baby book contains information on how a woman can increase her fertility. This is important as fertility is the main factor in getting you pregnant. Another topic that the book will be talking about is how you can control which chromosome (X and Y) the sperm will fertilize which egg.

Sexual positions can also help in the gender development of the baby. In her book, Alicia Pennington will talk about which positions will work out to make a baby boy or a baby girl. You will also learn the proper timing of intercourse to achieve your goal and get results. And, besides that, you will also be instructed on what dietary program you can adopt to boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl.

These topics and many more are what you can get from reading the book alone. Once you read the book, the decision to undertake any recommendation is up to you.

How to Know if the PlanMyBaby Information is Reliable

PlanMyBabySince this is about something that pertains to your general health as a woman and to your chances of getting pregnant, you can prove the methods and recommendations therein through scientific explanations. Do not put logical explanations aside, too. They are as helpful as scientific explanations.

If the recommendations require that you believe or follow a certain superstition then it is definitely a hoax. Superstitions have no scientific bases and are mostly borne out of legends or culture.

Another consideration is if the adviser of the method has had previous experiences and has built credibility on this field then he or she has the right to recommend or prescribe such actions. Sometimes, there are experiences by medical practitioners or general practitioners that cannot be found in their medical books. That could be what Alicia Pennington offers in her book on planning your baby’s gender.

Best Booster Car Seat

Best Booster Car Seat – Review of Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat

Best Booster Car Seat – The original Britax Frontier is one of the top end combination boosters. What the company, Frontier basically did was, improved the maximum weight and height limits and then took care of all the issues they had faced with their customers on the forums. They did all of this tweaking in a year and a half! Which is really great!

The old Frontier has been replaced with the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat. It is a “Harness 2 Booster” which is a combination of belt positioning booster seat and a forward facing child restraint. It is made for children who are 2 years, 30 – 57 inch tall and weigh between 25-85 pounds. The booster now has a weight limit of 120 pounds as well. Please keep in mind that this is a revised and improved product in many ways.

Best Booster Car Seat

Here is the list of changes and improvements made in the Britax Frontier 85 which makes it one of the best booster car seat:

1. Armrests are shorter, sturdier and have a fixed design.

2. You can adjust harness height up to 10 positions, up from 8 which the original Frontier had.

3. Limit on the harness height has been increased from 53″ to 57″.

4. Limit on the booster height has been increased from 60″ to 65″.

5. The maximum weight limit of the harness has been increased from 80 to 85 pounds.

6. Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat has a stitched harness which prevents the buckle tongues from getting lost in corners.

7. The chest clip has a picture showing the correct positions.

8. The slots which are present for positioning the lap belt for harness mode installation have been tweaked. Even though the positioning of the belt is the same, the contours have a good angle and are open. This solves the issues which people had in installing it in some vehicles.

9. The bottom of the Frontier 85 has less rough and sharp edges due to the redesign of the cup holders. Sliding is also reduced by the small rubber grips.

10. There are revised attachment points for the fabric cover and plastic belt shield cover.

As you can see, this is a good list of improvements which Britax has made. Almost each of the minor problems which were faced in the original frontier have been fixed!

Now I am going to list some of the advantages of the Britax Frontier 85:

1. Impact Protection On Sides :

Most of the restraints come handy and are effective in front crashes. However, side impacts are getting a lot of attention since they can be a lot more dangerous than the frontal ones. The deep wings on the Frontier 85 for the head and torso give protection from intrusion. The wings which surround the head are made of impact absorbing foam.

2. Five Point Harness to 85 pounds :

This is one of the top features of the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat. It has a five pound increase from the original Frontier. Even though most of the kids may be comfortable with the booster, some may not be able to remain seated continuously in the same position in a shoulder and lap belt. This is why most of the parents prefer to keep their child in a 5 point harness beyond 40 pounds as it offers more protection.

Crash Indicator :

The top strap has a stitching which indicates that it will break free if it is subjected to forces in a severe crash. The manual clearly shows the directions to check whether the seat is no longer acceptable for usage.

Even though there are a lot of improvements made in the Frontier 85, it has issues which are not major disadvantages, but I would like to see them fixed!

Best Booster Car Seat

Best Booster Car Seat Improvements:

1. Bulky :

The Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat is HUGE! It’s also heavy, but lighter than the original Frontier. It comes under the larger and heavier models as it is made to include even the bigger and older children as well. It weighs about 20 pounds. The base is measured just above 19″ wide and 19″ deep at the cup holders. It can be a real pain if you want to fit three seats across one row.

2. Restriction In Recline Settings :

The recline block which can be found on the base can be moved back or forward for 2 reclining positions. In harness mode, the recline block should compulsorily be in forward position and in booster mode, it must be adjusted and rotated backwards. This settings might be good for many children, but for those who want to recline moderately, the Frontier 85 does not provide multiple reclining settings.

3. Fabric Cleaning :

It takes a little effort to remove the cover as is the case in most of the seats. It can only be hand washed and line dried so it is advised to avoid spills that might permanently stain the seat. The mesh fabric has also been know to snag a little.


The improvements and advantages of the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat surely outweigh the minor issues which I have listed above which makes this Frontier the best booster car seat in the market. The Frontier 85 is almost unmatched when it comes for fitting older children in either the booster or the harness. If the Frontier 85 fits in your budget then it’s surely a superb choice for your baby!

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Pink Labor & Delivery Gown

Pink Labor & Delivery Gown Review-Pretty Pushers 100% Cotton Disposable Labor and Delivery Gown

Brief Product Description of this pretty Pink Labor & Delivery Gown:

The Pretty Pushers 100% Cotton Disposable Labor Gown is a cheap and easy to wear alternative to the boring standard hospital gown. The most advantageous feature of this pink labor and maternity gown is that it has the right openings at the right places that a pregnant woman to be comfortable. Most of the modern day labors involve various procedures like epidurals, varied levels of monitors and IV cords. A standard hospital labor gown doesn’t allow for the above procedures leaving women disappointed. The Pretty Pushers pink labor and maternity gown is designed with a low-cut back to allow for various types of epidural procedures. An opening with a tie enclosure is provided in the front to monitor the fetus and the mother. The pink labor and maternity gown is 100% cotton made to make it a comfortable wearing experience for pregnant women. The pink labor and maternity gown comes in 2 standard sizes. The plus size fits pre-pregnancy sizes 18 – 26. The original size fits pre- pregnancy sizes of 2 – 16. The shipping weight of the pink labor and maternity gown comes around 8 ounces.

Pink Labor & Delivery Gown

Pink Labor & Delivery Gown Online review:

In an online review conducted by a popular e-commerce website, a total of 53 pregnant women who used the pink maternity dress reviewed it. A maximum of 5 stars and a minimum of 1 star could be provided to the pink maternity gown. The pink labor and maternity gown received an average of 4.3 stars from 53 users. 31 users provided a 5 on 5 for the pink maternity gown. 13 users provided 4 star rating, 4 users provided 3 star rating, 3 users provided 2 star rating while a 1 star rating was provided by 2 users only. The pink labor and maternity gown worked its way up to become #1048 best seller in overall clothing section, #22 in moms section and #61 in breastfeeding section. The rating of 4.3/5 only shows the worthiness of the product and the trust the people have on the pink maternity gown.

Pink Labor & Delivery Gown

Pretty Pushers 100% Cotton Disposable Labor and Delivery Gown Pros:

The one size fits all approach work considerably well for all sizes of the pregnant woman. With the opening in the front, it is easier to monitor the baby. It provides utmost comfort both mentally and physically in comparison to the hospital gown. Since it is made with cotton material, the pink labor and maternity gown makes it easier for pregnant women to wear light clothes and breathe easily. Relieves stress and makes it easier for doctors to conduct various procedures like epidural procedures. Increases the confidence level of pregnant women by allowing them to select a dress of their choice rather than the normal boring hospital gown. Protects the modesty of women during most of the labor period. The pink labor and maternity gown comes with a style quotient which naturally makes women wearing it feel good about their dress. First time pregnant women didn’t want to feel nervous about being exposed during labor and the pink labor and maternity gown helped reduce the nervousness by covering all the parts of the pregnant women. The light weight of the pink labor gown comes as an added advantage in comparison to the standard hospital gowns that are much heavier.

Pink Labor & Delivery Gown

Pretty Pushers 100% Cotton Disposable Labor and Delivery Gown Cons:

Sometimes the front opening could be too big that the under garments could be seen. A little bit of stitching work is needed. Hence it adds to workload of women already in pain due to labor. The pink maternity gown is not properly hemmed and the finishing is not so good. Some doctors found it difficult to administer epidural analgesics to the women wearing the pink labor and maternity gown. Hence those women had to change back to the standard hospital gowns defeating the very ultimate purpose of buying the pink labor gown. Since the material of the pink labor gown is completely made of cotton, women could feel so cold because of the cool temperature conditions of the operation theater.

Pink Labor & Delivery Gown

The whole concept of the pink maternity gown being disposable seems like a ridiculous idea. Most of the people found it to be fine even when washed. They didn’t make sense of the manufacturer’s claim that the pink labor and maternity gown is disposable. The price of the product is so high and moreover people were skeptical about shedding such a high price for a throwaway. Since most of the pregnant women at maternity ward are tired and impatient, they find it very difficult to determine how to wear the pink maternity gown. The pink gown is too pricey since it only uses jersey like cotton material which is available for so cheap prices in the market. The pink labor and maternity gowns could not be used for c-section labors.

Pretty Pushers Womens Limited Edition Labor Gown & Postpartum Underwear Set – L – Kate Neckel Print
motherhood tips

Essential motherhood tips – Preparing For Motherhood Need Not Be A Trying Time

motherhood tipsMotherhood is one of the most admired but challenging period of a woman’s life. Any newly married woman would wish to be a mother within a short period of time. Motherhood starts when a woman becomes pregnant, nurse the pregnancy, deliver a child and nurse such a child to be an adult. For many mothers, it is difficult to sail through this stage of life without proper insight to it. This is the reason many mothers are looking for motherhood tips and guides across the internet and other sources. If you are in search of a short but exhaustible motherhood tips, you may read on.

You need to take good care of yourself while you are pregnant. This is because whatever you will do to yourself, you may as well do it to your baby. It is advisable that you observe a well balanced diet as prescribed by your health care giver. In addition, you should also observe workout routine that will help you during the time delivery. You should maintain light exercises, including light jogs and walking at least three times a week for about 30 minutes each session during your pregnancy period.

The other powerful motherhood tip is taking doctor’s instructions and advice seriously. You should take all prescribed drugs and foods. Note that this will help you go through pregnancy phase comfortable. As a pregnant woman, you should be mentally comfortable, as well.

After giving birth, you need to protect your child. You should not forget taking care o yourself too in expense of your child. During this motherhood phase, you will need a lot of guidance from experienced mothers. All you need to do is to consult an experienced mother for further motherhood tips, guidance and advice. Do not forget to enjoy your motherhood.

Motherhood tips – Pros and cons of different parenting styles

motherhood tipsThere are a few parenting styles; however, the three dominant ones are authoritative, permissive and authoritarian parenting styles. Many parents will employ combination of these parenting styles. Authoritative mothers administer hard but fair discipline to their children. One advantage of mothers observing authoritative parenting style always displays equal love to their children. The only con of this parenting style is that it involves use of much disciplinary measures. Children from a family where their mother practice authoritative parenting style always demonstrate high academic achievement. Many of these children will describe their parents as loving, encouraging and caring.

Authoritarian mothers do not entertain two way communications with their children. This type of parenting style is harsh, strict and demanding. There are many rules and believes in their parenting principles. The disadvantages of children form families where their mothers administer authoritative parenting style tend to have low self esteem. In addition, such children will perform poorly in school. Such children will describe their mothers as punitive. The advantage of this type of parenting style is that children from such families are obedient with good manners. However, in most cases, these children are not unhappy most of the time.

On the other hand, permissive mothers have few rules. Such mothers will allow their children to do anything without much order. Permissive parenting style is in most cases related to single mothers, working mothers or simply a mother with no parenting skills. Mothers who observe permissive parenting style takes off hand from their children affairs. To some extreme situation, such mothers may end up not knowing their children where about. The disadvantage of this kind of parenting leadership style is that children get spoiled at tender ages. The only advantage of this parenting style is that mothers will tend to take a friend role to their children. This is not the best type of parenting style. Therefore, good mothers should try to avoid this style of parenting style.

A look at a few places to find parenting resources

Now that you have read exhaustible motherhood tips as well as a few parenting styles with their pros and cons, you can choose which parenting style will make you a better mother. There are quite a number of resources out there, including parenting groups, parenting classes, parenting television shows and parenting magazines among other resources that can help you cope with parenting challenges.

The Multiples Manual: Preparing and Caring for Twins or Triplets
Baby Jumper

Best Baby Jumper Review – Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper by Kids II for your Active Baby

Babies are precious members for any families as they do not just learn, play and grow but make everyone around them learn, play, laugh, dance and make them happy. A baby is a charm in every family and parents while teaching them learn a lot in life too. With their cuteness, innocence and playful nature that creates a positive and healthy environment at homes, all members of family are bound together watching them play around. And that is why parents love to take care of their babies and toddlers with all love and caring. When a baby gives so much joy to a family, it naturally drives parents and family members to give something in return. And what best can be than an activity toy that your babies can play and interact with. Baby jumper is one such activity toy with which your baby can jump, hump, play and fiddle with it that helps him/her learn and understand things with joy and smile on face.

Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper Purchase Tips:

Kids II, a dedicated brand for innovative products are aimed at becoming a global expert for babies and toddlers. And it is with that dedication that baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper was created offering pure fun for your baby. This is an all-in-one busy works station for your baby with various different shapes and colours of objects in it that build curiosity in your baby to touch and play with it. With colourful lights, melodious music and an interactive piano that tells the name of shape in three different languages, this product is simply a tough competitor for best learning cum activity work stations for babies. With comfortable seating option that gives ample support to sit up and reach out to colourful charms hanging on to it, this simply offers a good stretching exercise that tones up tender muscles of your baby’s legs and arms. Baby jumper as the name suggests offers perfect support for jumping and humping to the tune of music, sounds, lights and colours. This offers complete safety for your baby so you need not worry when he/she is sitting and playing in it.

Graco Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

The Features of Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper by Kids II for your Active Baby

Baby jumper is a feature rich personal activity station for your baby with high back support that provides complete safety and comfort in seating. This is ideal even for younger babies who are just beginning to try sitting up. The seat has 360 degree rotating action that allows your baby access all the objects and toys around the activity jumper. The rotating feature also encourages movement in your baby. It has four activity stations your baby can turn to enjoy 12 different activities that help them identify different colours and shapes. It includes an electric piano that introduces names of colours and shapes. It has a mirror, dancing lights, 6 classical melodies with 3 play modes and volume control, and all good enough to make your baby jump and dance with joy. The best part is it has in-built spinning rattle ball and a water filled teether so you do not have to have them separately. The bird shaped teether can be removed and refrigerated so you can hang it back washed and fresh that help maintains hygiene. Baby jumper even has a toy tray that includes activity loops to attach and play with. There are four Einstein links that allows attaching more toys which is a unique feature of this product. There are 5 height adjustable points for increasing height. The seat and play stations are all detachable so you can clean and attach it back. And the whole jumper is foldable so you can fold it keep it under the bed when not in use or simply carry in your car if you want.

Baby Jumper

Pros of this Baby Jumper

Well it can be a huge list as the features offered are amazing that no baby would resists:

1. It is very interactive with lot of options.

2. Colors, shapes, sounds and music are all incorporated in this one product.

3. Helps baby with activities like sitting up, reaching out, jumping and rotating.

4. Easy to remove and replace most parts for cleaning.

5. Option to attach more toys to the links provided so your baby can play safely with it.

6. Height adjustable so can be used from younger babies up to the age of a toddler.

7. Foldable and hence portable to carry anywhere or store when not in use.

Baby Jumper

Cons of this particular Baby Jumper

There are few cons but still worth for your baby:

1. It can be expensive compared to other activity products.

2. You cannot carry everywhere you go where your baby wants to play it.

3. Your baby might spend more time with it so when it’s time to feed you might find hard to separate him/her from it. But this is certainly an indication your baby is enjoying it, isn’t it?

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Best Maternity Jumpsuit

Best Maternity Jumpsuit – KC&PP’s Women’s Maternity KC and Friends Detachable Apron Romper Review

Are you looking for the Best Maternity Jumpsuit?

A jumpsuit is a popular clothing among pregnant women because not only is a jumpsuit stylish to wear,

it can also make a woman carrying a baby feel more comfortable to move around with

less discomfort because of the body changes. In your search for the best maternity

jumpsuit to wear while pregnant, KC & PP’s Women’s Maternity KC and Friends detachable apron

romper are one of the clothing manufacturers that aim to deliver a comfortable clothing line for women

in maternity. Understanding how difficult it is to manage pregnancy, it is essential for a pregnant woman

to be comfortable most of the time and wearing a jumpsuit or a maternity romper offers a good option

to give her better comfort that she can wear during her pregnancy and even after giving birth.

Best Maternity Jumpsuit

Best Maternity Jumpsuit – The maternity romper comfort

For decades, women who are pregnant find solace in wearing jumpsuits. For years, clothing

manufacturers continually improve their designs in this piece of cloth in order to deliver the comfort

that women need throughout their pregnancy.

The KC and PPs  Women’s Maternity KC and Friends maternity romper provide added comfort to its wearer because it

comes with an elastic waistband that is flexible and ready to accommodate the changing hip size of a

pregnant woman and her growing abdomen every month. The jumper is made from a cotton fabric that

further enhances the comfort of wearing the cloth.

Best Maternity Jumpsuit Practicality

A maternity romper is one designed not only for women to wear it during their maternity period but it

can also be a good cloth to wear during post pregnancy. KC and Friends clothing line is available with

an innovative design that allows one to wear the apron top that is attached to the maternity pants with

the wearer having an option to detach it to make a maternity jumpsuit. After pregnancy, a woman’s

abdomen usually takes some time to return to its normal size. During this period, the maternity romper

comes useful to have something comfortable to wear. Even after pregnancy, the jumpsuit never gets

out of style and a woman can still retain it as a part of her regular wardrobe by making just a few

adjustments on the waistband.

Best Maternity Jumpsuit

Stylish design of the Best Maternity Jumpsuit

One of the elements of the best maternity romper is the stylish comfort that it delivers to the one

wearing it. The halter apron top comes with an open back that gives it an added uniqueness in style and

design. A pregnant woman should never lose her stylish taste even with a growing tummy. Wearing

a jumpsuit offers her a good opportunity to show her fashion sense and observe creativity on what

she wears while pregnant. With a detachable apron top, she could choose a good inner top or tee that

matches her maternity pants and show it off by removing the apron top. With the two side pockets up

front, the suit comes with better functionality and useful feature for a pregnant woman.

The Pros and Cons of KC&PP’s Women’s Maternity KC and Friends Detachable Apron Romper Review

You can easily use the jumpsuit with ease of transition from wearing the halter apron top or without it.

You can in fact wear the suit with a matching tee or top that will compliment the color and the design of

the suit’s maternity pants. With the functional design of this maternity apparel, a pregnant woman will

definitely feel sexy even with a growing tummy. Talk about combining comfort, functionality, practicality

and style. It is wearable even post pregnancy because of its flexible design and style. However, the

downside with the suit is when it gets over stretch and is no longer useful to wear when the body

returns to its normal size.

Best Maternity Jumpsuit

Best Maternity Jumpsuit Considerations:

A maternity jumpsuit is specifically designed to accommodate the comfort needs of a pregnant woman.

However, you will usually encounter a problem when you buy one that is not suited to your size. Make

sure to actually try and wear the maternity romper before buying one as the waistband of the maternity

suit may not be fitted to accommodate your growing tummy. Therefore, in your search for the best

maternity jumpsuit, it is essential to be able to gauge its actual fitting in order not to compromise the

comfort that you should derive from wearing it.

Mothers en Vogue Women’s Maternity Bandeau Nursing Jumpsuit, India Ink, Small