Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer Review

Baby bouncers are accessories for parents with young children that help in keeping their children always cheerful while the parents are doing other chores. Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer ReviewBaby bouncers vary in terms of the safety they give to the children, what they use (especially with the toys attached) to keep the child happy. The best baby bouncer is the one that gives your toddler all the fun its needs and the Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer meets this requirement perfectly.

It is the best baby bouncer that gives your baby a safe and a soothing place of playing, resting and developing visual and audio skills while you are free to attend other chores. In essence, this best baby bouncer gives you a helping hand. Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer is designed to save you time instead of using up your time  in training, helping and assisting your child to sit upright unassisted.

Features of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

The adorable baby bouncer offers all the wonders of the rainforest and it is full of fun. While your baby is absorbing all the sights and sounds, you can go about having time to yourself thus making it the parent and baby favorite. At its center, in front of your child’s eyes is a see through waterfall made of lights and spinning helices. It also has a monkey and a tree frog playing peek a boo near the shining waterfall and a toucan that moves back and forth overhead keeping your baby visually stimulated always.

There are hanging toys with which your baby bats at lighting-up the waterfall and starting the peek -a-boo action which is accompanied by rainforest sounds and songs. You can also turn on the bouncer’s continuous play mode of the sound effects.

When you want your kid to relax, you can switch on the bouncer’s calming vibrations which have a gentle bouncing motion that soothes the baby and eventually lulls your baby to sleep.

The bouncer has a removable toy bar that makes it easier to put in and remove your baby from the bouncer’s chair.

Benefits of the Bouncer’s features

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer ReviewYour baby develops an understanding of cause and effect relationship as its batting to the hanging toys and rainforest animals results to activating the bouncer’s sounds and lights.

Batting, reaching and grasping onto the hanging toys and the colorful rainforest animals improves your baby’s eye-hand coordination .

Your baby kicks the hanging toys with its feet and the bouncer responds. This fulfills your child’s desire for movement. It also help in improving leg – brain coordination.

The different sound effects stimulates your baby’s auditory system.

Two play modes area available as well:

This excellent baby bouncer gives you an option to play with your kid or letting the kid play by itself. The baby’s activated mode occurs when your baby bats on the hanging toys that lights up the waterfall and activates the peek-a-boo action. This activation mode has three short songs plus three sound effects that rewards your baby on actively playing with toys. Parent activated mode can be done by playing six longer continuously playing songs or by turning on the calming vibrations.

Power requirement

This best baby bouncer requires 4 “D” alkaline batteries.

Size and portability

Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer has a width, height and depth of 19.3 x17 x 5.1 inches respectively and weighs 8.4 pounds. This makes it a super space saver since it occupies a small space and is light in weight hence it is easier to move from room to room. It can also be folded making it even more portable and perfect for traveling.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, Rainforest Friends

Safety and comfort

The bouncer is covered with a soft pad that is rounded to conform to your baby’s shape giving support to your baby’s still fragile spinal cord. The semi upright tilt gives your baby a view of the surroundings as well. The pad is also resistant to slippage and a cloth acts as a belt which ensures it holds your baby to the seat.

Structurally, it is made of a strong material making it stable and sturdy.

Being the best baby bouncer, it is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association (JPMA) for meeting safety standards.

It also meets standards for small hazardous sharp points and edges.

The bouncer complies to the federal regulation that prohibits lead in paint.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer Review Recommendation:

When shopping for baby’s bouncer, check whether the safety instructions have been stamped on its permanent label. If it is a second hand, ensure there is no part missing and gets its manual . Ensure that the model whether new or gently used has not been recalled .

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer is the best baby bouncer saving you all the above troubles . I would strongly advice you to go for this excellent baby bouncer and you will receive the best services a baby’s bouncer can offer.

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Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper has over 900 positive reviews so we decided to share the Pros and Cons of this product. A baby is one of the most welcome additions in the family and once a baby arrives, everything suddenly begins revolving around the child. Months before the arrival, the couple involved takes time to prepare their home for the new member and there is so much that is done as far as this is concerned. One of the things is buying items for use with the baby and one of these items is a rocking baby chair. There are those that are made like actual chairs and others made to function both as a chair and a bed. The Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is one of the rocking chairs that serves as a sleeper and this review will focus on it. Read on.

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is Designed for comfort

The most important thing that this review will mention about the sleeper is how comfortable it is. It is designed this way to ensure that the baby remains completely comfortable and this helps you when you have to do some chores here and there while the baby is sleeping. The sleeper is inclined at an angle to make sure that the baby gets adequate support, especially on the back as this is very important. In addition, you do not want the baby falling off from the sleeper once they are able to move about and the design of the sleeper has ensured of this by the inclusion of a deep seat. This means that in as much as the baby will be able to move, the depth of the seat will hold them in place avoiding falls.Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper

The security aspect is made even better as the sleeper comes with three restrainers for you to use to harness the baby once they are strong enough to move around. In as much as you may not have to use them for the first few months, they do come in handy at a later date. When not in use, the restrainers do not inconvenience the baby in any way.

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper, Yellow

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – unisex design

The other thing that you will note is that the sleeper is designed for use by both boys and girls. This is achieved by the use of neutral colors. This feature serves both as an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage comes in that the sleeper can be used for several children regardless of their gender. Once a baby has grown and does not use it any longer, the sleeper is stored until the next child arrives or can be given away. The disadvantage comes in because the sleeper would sell more if it has a design for both boys and girls. All that has to be done is to remove the color neutrality and design sleepers for boys and girls.

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper rocking action

As with any sleeper, it needs to be able to rock the child to sleep and this sleeper is no different. The stands are made in a way that they are inclined at an angle and this makes it very easy for the mum to push it as she does other things. This is what distracts the baby and the rocking action stimulates them to sleep. The only thing that could have been improved as far as the design is concerned is folding options to help when it comes to storage of the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. The designers should have bore in mind that a time would come where one would need to fold the sleeper and store it and hence made folding options. This is a small flaw in the design.

Cleanliness features

The sleeper design takes to account that you may want to feed the baby while on it and this means that food spills will be common. With this, the sleeper needs to be easy to clean. It comes with an easy to remove insert that is again made using fabric that is easy to clean. This means that you will be able to keep the sleeper clean at all times as staining will not worry you.

In conclusion, the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is an excellent sleeper save for the two or three small disadvantages. It can be used for a long time meaning that one child can hand it down to the next one and this saves cash.

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best baby walker

Parents love this particular Best Baby Walker. What else could make a perfect gift for your baby than what teaches him or her to walk? I am writing this particular Joovy Spoon Walker Review to help more people learn about this incredible Baby Walker which I recently came across at Amazon. The name of the product self-explains every detail about it. Let’s take a look at whether the product really stands to what it claims it does. We will start by discussing the features as promised by the manufacturer of this particular baby walker.

Best Baby Walker – Joovy Spoon Walker Features:

best baby walkerGood Looks:

If you are looking for the best baby walker, then you should expect it to be aesthetically pleasing as well. The Joovy Spoon Walker comes with a practical and promising look. The spoon shaped frame blends with any article or object found in your home and kitchen decor, so storage doesn’t affect the beauty of your interiors. I keep my baby walker near the fridge in my kitchen. You may not require a separate room to keep the walker.

Sturdy Design:

Like any baby walker, it comes with a sturdy built, which is extra-light in weight. You may understand what I mean only after you hold and maneuver it around in your own hands. The moment you cast your look at it you feel it might be bulky or heavy. However, upon holding it upright you feel as if the entire case was made from polymer or aluminum. Besides, it is washable and is manufactured out of heavy-duty materials so just because it is not as heavy as it looks does not mean it is not absolutely strong.


The feature that truly makes the Joovy Spoon Walker the best baby walker is its portability. It can be folded into a small space and can be taken outside while traveling. When folded, it shrinks by more than third its size, which makes it extremely convenient for traveling and storage.

Why Choose the Joovy Spoon Walker?

There are good reasons why one should choose this product. Firstly, it is the price. It is hard to come across a product of such high quality and still pay less than the magic $100 value. Another reason was that my wife instantaneously fell in love with the elegant baby walker design the moment she saw the picture online. Apart from the budget, I noted that the walker is portable and can be easily moved while house shifting as well. It really helped us as we had to shift to our new home soon within a few months time, and I must confess that buying the Joovy Spoon Walker was indeed a sound decision.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

Best Baby Walker – Joovy Spoon Walker Pros:

-It is strongly build. The body is tough and is tightly fitted with a high-friction bottom. I tried checking the strength by bending the walker 45 degree and giving it a full push. To my surprise, it did not budge. Normally, most adult walking-aid sticks may have given away, but I was impressed by its strong grip and high-quality rubber friction.

-It is extra light. You may find this the moment you grab it in your hand. For a moment you won’t believe you are holding it.

-It is elegant. It looks angelic. A baby looks calm and happy using it.

-It is cheap. Against the strong material and elegant design, you may find $100 price as very cheap.

-No accessories are required. You may not require buying special baby walker shoes, as the walker can be operated with any kind of baby shoes. However, as a precaution avoid buying slippery shoes. At the same time, do not buy spiky or sharp edge bottom shoes, as babies are habitually putting stuff into their mouths.

Joovy Spoon Walker Cons:

Best Baby Walker-I wish the best baby walker was extendible, so it could be extended in length for grown-ups too. I hope such a product comes along for older citizens too, who require aid with walking.

-The product features all the qualities it could provide against its cost. I give full marks to the product designer for exploiting all avenues while conceptualizing such a product. It truly stands out as being the best baby walker. However, I wish there was a provision for trays to keep baby items such as toys, sanitizer and baby care products.

-I wish there was a Joovy Spoon Walkers store in our locality. So I could have browsed through different colors and designs.

Joovy Spoon Walker Recommendation:

Considering the extent of abilities it gives your child, I do have an opinion that it is a true priceless gift. Your child may not remember the gift when it grows up and not remember it the way he or she remembers the first bike or first car you buy for them. But, definitely, when they grow up to see an old picture of you holding them with the baby walker and playing with the baby walker, they may feel so proud upon recollecting about your concerns towards them as a child.

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Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing, best baby swing

Is the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing the best baby swing?

Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing, best baby swingHaving a baby can be an exciting event in a family but it can also be challenging. Babies require a lot of time and attention; they usually want to be carried and cuddled most of the time. There may be even times when they are almost asleep but wake up when you are about to put them down. This can be very stressful for a family especially if there is a lot of work that should be accomplished. Fisher-Price, a world known baby products company, introduces a product that will surely benefit every family with a new baby. The company takes pride in manufacturing baby products starting from toys, high chair, cribs to parenting guides. They have not introduced the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing.

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing & It’s 700+ Positive 5 Start Rating:

More than 700 parents have given this a four to five star rating. So this product is definitely something to look into if you want the best baby swing for your child.

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing mimics the rocking motion a mother does to her child allowing her to have more time to do chores while putting her baby to sleep. It swings the baby, which every baby in the world really enjoys minus the stress for the mom. It helps lessen those sleepless nights of the parents just trying to put the baby to sleep, thus minimizing both physical and emotional strains for the parents and the infant.

The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing is an innovative product, as it moves from front to back and side to side, with six soothing speeds. It prepares the baby for nap time or keeps him or her relaxed and entertained as mommy makes breakfast for the family. The seat tube can also be rotated so that the baby can be seen by the mother which is also a good form of bonding.

It also features a rotating overhead mobile with plush toys that enhances visual stimulation of the infant. It also comes with a removable canopy that maximizes the light effect of the mobile. It can also play 16 songs and 2 different sounds which serve as lullaby, allowing the infant to relax. The cradle has a comfortable, nest-like two reclining seat positions, with additional three seat positions wherein you can fit your baby snugly allowing a more natural feel of a mother’s cuddle.Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing, best baby swing

More features that make the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing the best baby swing:

This product has so much more to offer. The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing is very user friendly. With the easy to understand function switch and dials, no mom will have any difficulty in operating it. Since the product offers a variety of songs, it enables the infant to listen to a diverse song collection which even helps auditory stimulation and improves child development.

The rotating mobile with plush toys also enables the infant to feel more relaxed and it also improves the infant’s vision as they try to follow the toys’ movement.

The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing not only focuses on relaxing the baby but it also takes safety into consideration. It has a wide base support which enables the cradle to stand safely allowing a maximum weight of 25 lbs. The cradle has a belt restrain or a durable support that permits the infant to move but at the same time keeping him or her safe.

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing (With Smart Swing Technology)

The Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing can be plugged into the wall outlet for home use or you can put 4 D batteries if you ever decide to go on a picnic with your baby. The legs are easily foldable for storage purposes so that if your child outgrows it, you can store it and use it again in the future.

It also makes the cradle portable so you can take it, just put it at the back of the car and set it up again when you get to your destination.

Cleaning will also be a breeze – you just need to disassemble the unit, place the pads and toys into the washing machine and wipe the seat with a cloth and some soap.

Although, like any other product, this cradle too has its set of flaws. Let me just point out some of them.

It occupies a lot of space when in use.

And – This Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing is quite pricey compared to the other products in the market. But hey! The price is just a small part of the equation when you think of all the benefits you can get from the product, right?

Letting your child enjoy and learn while relaxing on his back; imagine doing things while also spending time with your child at the same time. Isn’t that a lovely dream for most moms? This product is really a must have for every family who just had a baby!

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Best Nursing Bras

You should choose the very Best Nursing Bras based on your own needs and preferences as breastfeeding an infant can end up being even more difficult during the best phase of your life, if you don’t. This is especially true whenever you do so outside the home. Therefore it is worth investing some thought before you decide to purchase the actual nursing bra that’s right for you personally.

Difference between Nursing bras and traditional bras:

Nursing bras could be adjusted more to permit differences in breast shape and size throughout your day,

Nursing bras supply more assistance while trying a private breast patches insertion,

The mug linings of nursing bras are made to avoid irritation with aching nipples,

And of course, they help to make breastfeeding a great deal easier.

Here are a few tips on finding the right and best nursing bra for you:

The best time for you to buy the nursing bra is actually during the pregnancy. Go ahead and continue in order to wear pre-pregnancy bras until they’re no longer comfortable, then venture out and purchase another Nursing Bra.

This might sound obvious however the most important part of choosing a great nursing bra is ensuring it fits properly and permits the attachment of nursing pads. The nursing pads should be made of stretchy material. The Best Nursing Bras brands all come with adjustable straps as well as cups. Also ensure that the nursing bra is simple to use (simple enough that you can use just one hand). You should also look for cotton ones as opposed to the other materials. This is particularly important as sweat mixed with breast milk could lead to rashes and mastitis. So using nursing bras that are extremely breathable are of fundamental importance. Try not to use under wire bras as they place a lot of pressure on your milk glands which can result in decreased milk being produced or even leading to blocked glands. Many contemporary nursing bras provide ample support without needing under-wiring. Should you choose to purchase an under-wire nursing bra, then do make sure it suits perfectly.Best Nursing Bras

Best Nursing Bras Conclusion:

If you are planning upon pumping breast milk frequently, you should think about buying the nursing bra that will work best even if you cannot use both hands. At night time, just put on a gentle nursing bra which opens simply by stretching as well as lifting upward off your breast. This kind of nursing bra is convenient than day time wear nursing bras.

Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra 1401 (Medium, Butterscotch)

Look after your medical bra. Following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean and dry it out.

Lastly, if you are able to afford it, buy a very pretty, feminine nursing bra.

Purchasing the best bra for you personally is not really about buying a costly or inexpensive nursing bra: it’s about purchasing a nursing bra that’s comfortable, suits perfectly, functions well and it is pleasing to look at even.

It aids by giving flaps or even panels that help to make nursing easier. Nowadays, there are more designs and styles that you are able to choose from. You can even get nursing bras that can be used for work outs that closely resemble sports bras. You even get t-shirts that have built in nursing bras. So if you go to look for all kinds of nursing bras, you can easily find different varieties.

Best Nursing Bras

It is best to choose a nursing bra just before you deliver and if you can’t do that, then just after you deliver. If you purchase one just before you deliver, you know there won’t be any measurement changes and if there are they will be slight changes so ensure that the material type and measurements are the first priority pointers when you go shopping for a nursing bra. This will make sure you have the utmost comfort as well as convenience whenever nursing your child in private or in public.

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top tips motherhood

top tips motherhoodWhen a baby enters one’s life, it is always a joy like no other. When you hold your baby for the first time in your arms, you get a strong urge to protect, and an instinct to keep it away from any harm and always be there for them. However, a new parent can be overwhelmed by the newborn’s need for care. The only thought that should always in a parent’s mind is the fact that the baby depends completely on them and so it’s upon them to provide the best for the baby. A baby care guide can be source of relief as it gives tips on how to go about the task. In this article we are going to have a look at some of the essential top tips motherhood which ensure the proper baby care for your bundle of joy.

Mom Book : 4278 of Mom Central’s Tips–For Moms from Moms

Vital Care tips for the Newborn

Having a guide which tells you specifically the dos and donts of effective care for a newborn is very helpful, just like the advice you get from relatives, close family members and friends, as well as other baby care related materials.

Easy To Understand top tips motherhood:


top tips motherhoodhen it comes to matters of baby care, hygiene is very essential and should never be assumed at all cost. Just a little carelessness and the newborn will be down with infections. This is because their immune system is not highly developed. Before handling the baby, ensure your hands are thoroughly washed. Other things which you should also ensure are clean the baby’s bedding, clothes and other things it uses like toys. To reduce the chances of the baby scratching itself, always cut its nails, with a baby nail cutter. This also prevents dirt accumulation under the nails. Sterilizing the baby bottle is also necessary in ensuring effective baby care.

Holding your Baby

Since the baby’s neck is weak and not yet developed, it cannot support the head’s weight. Therefore remember to support the baby’s neck every time you pick it up. Making harsh or sudden movements while handling the baby such as playing with it is likely to hurt the baby because it is still delicate.

At night when the baby is sleeping, place it on its back. For the baby not to develop a flat spot you should alternate the side the baby sleeps on every night. However much the urge to hold the baby maybe, do not wake a sleeping baby as it requires a 16 hour sleep per day.

Comforting and Bonding

top tips motherhoodSince crying is a baby’s only way of passing on a message that something is wrong, a newborn baby is likely to cry a lot. A baby always needs your physical presence to be assured that you are indeed there for him or her. Both parents should therefore spend time holding the baby and talking to it. Babies respond perfectly to sound, and so  soothing tones and a soothing soft voice will not just comfort the baby but will also help in creating a bond.

Actually, bonding with your baby should start when the baby is still in the womb. Research has shown that sounds a baby heard while in the womb are able to soothe it. This may be the song you used to sing or listen to. The baby finds the sound familiar and thus is comforted by it. Every parent has a special way of comforting the baby either using holding positions or soothing sounds or even a combination of both.

Swaddling the baby is one of the comforting methods which works great as it reminds babies of the womb’s security. It is important then to learn how to swaddle the baby.

Baby Feeding

top tips motherhoodFor a newborn, breastfeeding is the most recommended means of feeding the baby rather than giving baby food formulas. This not only provides the needed nutrients to prevent diseases but also helps the baby and the mother to bond. No book should be used to determine how and when a bay is breastfed but it should rather be done every time the baby is hungry. A baby requires to be nursed about 8-10 times a day and you can always do this during breastfeeding. You should consult a doctor when you notice that the bay is losing interest in feeding. Regular weight gain is the only indication that a baby has been properly feeding. To prevent the newborn from getting colicky, you must alway ensure it burps. This is achieved by holding it against you shoulder, not forgetting to support the head and then pat it gently on the back till it burps.

If you follow all the above top tips motherhood, the job of caring for the newborn and giving it the best will be a little easier. So always remember these motherhood tips and you will certainly enjoy every bit of raising up your little ones.