Single Motherhood Tips

Single Motherhood TipsSingle motherhood tips should be provided to all women who need them, especially after a difficult divorce. Raising a child on your own is certainly not the easiest thing in the world but thousands of women manage to do this every day. There are many aspects to take into consideration but these following single motherhood hints should give you a better idea of what lies ahead.

Firstly, you must keep in mind the emotional issues that come after a divorce, for both you and the child; they typically occur to single moms. In most cases, the emotional scars last for years; the younger the child is, the greater impact a divorce has on him. But do not worry because it gets easier over time.

The Happiest Mom 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood The Happiest Mom

Here are some single motherhood tips that you can take into account when you embark on this arduous journey:

They should help you handle the problematic situations which you encounter at the very start:
1. Take some time off

First you must recover emotionally after the divorce. It is okay and even recommended to leave your child with your mother or a friend, in order to tend to your personal needs. Take a trip, go to the spa, start a new hobby, read a good book… anything that helps with the pain of being a single mother. Take as much time as you need because your child shall require your undivided attention after this. If it becomes overwhelming, you can always consider getting specialized help, since it is very comforting talking to someone who has an objective perspective and who can provide single motherhood tips after a divorce.

Single Motherhood Tips

2. Try to minimize the suffering

In the next step of single motherhood tips, analyze everything that has happened to you and draw a line somewhere. Once you figure out what you are guilty of and what you can learn from the tough experience of a divorce, you will have a smoother ride on the road ahead. Perhaps this is the greatest life lesson you shall ever know as a single parent.

3. Spend as much time with your child as possible

After you find inner peace and get back to reality, involve the little one in all your activities, such as going to the market, preparing food, reading a book or watching a movie. Explain gently what is happening and, most importantly keep telling your child that he has no fault in the divorce. Children are highly sensitive to drama, since they are at great risk of carrying guilt throughout their teen years and even further than that, thus affecting their personality and lifestyle.Single Motherhood Tips

4. Be grateful for everything you have

Look around you and thank yourself, God or whatever you believe in, for the gifts that life has given you – health, a beautiful family, a steady income, your parents, and the unconditional love of your child. Take comfort in the fact that you are managing the best you can in the given circumstances as a single mom, and no one can ever take that away from you. You can never succeed in making things perfect; plus, this will slowly eat you up inside.

5. Do not avoid your child when he needs you

The life of a single parent is busy and exhausting. But, even after a hard day at work, come home with a big smile on your face. Pay attention when your child wants to show you a drawing he made, or give him a hand with homework if he asks you to. Moreover, organize gatherings with the small one, your friends and family, and go out as often as you can. Besides, the joy on your child’s face is priceless and the best medicine that helps you.

Single Motherhood Tips

To sum it up, the road is long and you must be able to take care of your child in any situation. But do not neglect yourself along the process. Remember that you are not alone because close people shall always be at your side, willing to help. More importantly, your child will be able to help you when you least expect it. As far as single motherhood tips go, we are sure you could write a book from the experiences which await you.

Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Best pregnancy pillow – Serenity Star Pillow Introduction

Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant WomenThe Serenity Star Pillow is among the most popular and recent maternity pillows that is created by Moonlight Slumber. Some customers refer to the pillow as the best pregnancy pillow. Basically, it is a massive pillow that contains three parts which a pregnant woman may lie on during her pregnancy’s latter stages, where it is necessary to sleep on her sides. It is used in elevating the woman’s tummy and supporting the baby. It also helps with the correct feeding positioning. In light of the maternity pillow’s considerable acclaim, it is crucial to look into its benefits along with the disadvantages it possesses.

Why Is This The Best Pregnancy Pillow? Serenity Star Pillow Features

The pillow consists of three primary sections. There is a custom-made pillowcase which fits these three pieces. You may remove the pillowcase after birth so that the baby may utilize the pillow as they grow.

Benefits or Pros of using the Serenity Star Pillow

1. Its use is lengthy. Most competing maternity pillows are usable only during a woman’s pregnancy; the latter stages of the pregnancy, at that. They virtually become useless after giving birth and numerous persons dispose of them, offer them to pregnant friends or relatives, or sell them. However, a Serenity Star Pillow is designed such that you may utilize it from your pregnancy through to your child’s preschool age. This increases its usefulness. After the pregnancy, you may take the maternity pillow apart into three sections. The pillow’s curved section may be utilized in helping to support the baby as learn how to sit up. The pillow’s two longer sides may be utilized in preventing the baby from roaming too far.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White

Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women2. This is the top pregnancy pillow that acts like a sleeping aid. It allows the pregnant woman to sleep on either of her sides. This is the sleeping position that virtually all medical experts like gynecologists recommend. Sleeping on her side, particularly the left side, is ideal for her baby’s overall health. In addition, sleeping on her side ensures that the mother that the mother remains cool during nights as she sleeps. The pillow further offers comfort at nights, which is among the toughest tasks while pregnant. The pillow contours to the woman’s body to offer the utmost support. Its U-shaped design guarantees that both sides offer support, which is a massive relief to expectant mothers that often switch sides. Using this maternity pillow ensures that the expectant mother wakes each morning free of pain and feeling refreshed.

3. You may custom order the maternity pillow. One significant issue that numerous expectant mothers have with maternity pillows is their size. Some pillows are too short or they are too long for the mother. This is particularly cumbrous if they seek a pillow which will adequately support their feet. Numerous women find it discomfiting if their feet hang off the pillow’s end. Moonlight Slumber is the best pregnancy pillow company that offers custom orders so that women’s pillow fit their bodies perfectly.

4. It feels like a single pillow. Most persons might fear that the pillow having three parts will be noticeable. However, when you put the pillows into the pillowcase to form the U-shape, there is virtually no discernible difference. As such, it is nearly impossible to tell that the maternity pillow contains separate parts. This is chiefly due to the pillowcase’s superior design that guarantees each part remains snug alongside each other.

5. The pillow is cost-effective. Its price might seem steep. However, one may use it for years, unlike typical maternal pillows that only last until childbirth. In addition, retailers like Amazon offer free shipping to lower the overall purchase costs.Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Serenity Star Pillow Cons

1. You cannot select between pillowcase covers. The maternity pillow’s primary drawback is that it lacks pillowcases. Aside from white, there are only two other color choices. This might make the pillows boring to look at with time. However, you may rectify this issue by making or enlisting a friend to make an additional pillowcase that has a fabric color you desire.

2. The pillowcase might be costly for some. To numerous persons, the cost of nearly 100 US dollars is too steep. Most maternal pillows cost 80 US dollars or less. Though the value is seen with its long-term use, some persons simply will not spend that much.

Serenity Star Pillow – The Best Pregnancy Pillow

The Serenity Star Pillow is undoubtedly among the best pregnancy pillow. Though pricier than its competition, it offers more features and more durability. Get the best price and save when buying the Serenity Star Pillow, click here.Serenity Star Pillow, Best Pregnancy Pillow, Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

Best baby monitors

Best baby monitors

Best baby monitors‘Giving Birth is not work, the real work lies in the parenting of a child’. This old adage clearly states the need to give the baby all the necessary upbringing and also the best tender loving care that is available. Every parent, guardian, friends, family, relatives as well as the community in general look forward to that day when your bundle of joy is going to set foot in the world. The event draws so much anticipation, pride, exuberance as well as appreciation by the parents and also the close relatives. It acts to sum up the long laborious experience that the father or mother has undergone for nine months, Physical stress, mental fatigue caused by hormonal imbalance and the financial obligation can now be put to rest.

With the ever demanding work schedules and the fast paced lifestyle of nowadays, it becomes almost impossible to give your child all the attention he might require. Diminished free time, increased work load and schooling will make the parent carry work as well as school assignment home which will be detrimental to the child’s growth and development. The initial stages of a new born baby’s life are very crucial for healthy and peaceful growth thus the baby needs most attention round the clock to monitor any little discomfort as well as ensure the bonding between the baby and the parent takes place as is recommended.

To mitigate the threat of proper growth of a baby, lack of the biological and physical bonding as well as weed out the fear and trauma that has been abuzz in the social media sites and internet of nannies gone wild, the baby monitors are the best partner in parenting. Traditional nannies or day care centers were the alternative when faced with little to time to tend to your infant child but the recent cases of nannies mistreating the babies physically and mentally has seen the rise in sales for baby monitors.

Baby monitors have been in existence for quite some time but with the ever changing technology they have greatly improved and become more user-friendly, efficient and effective in baby care. Baby monitors are electronic devices that are both audio (sound ) and Video (picture) operated on a two way platform i.e. the transmitter coming from the baby’s location and transmitting sounds and images via a wireless or wire connection to the parents or guardians receiver in audio as well as video media.

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Why the growing surge in the use of the Best baby monitors:

Best baby monitorsPeace of mind: it offers the parent or guardian calm and peace as she is able to know as well as monitor the baby’s surrounding whether it is the room temperature, whether awake or asleep and also any unusual breathing or noises that might need immediate attention.

Quality bonding time: with availability of talk back feature, remote control interface to control the lights and polyphonic lullaby the baby will feel the parent’s presence yet from a distance.

Comfort and user-friendly: The parent is able to monitor the baby within a considerable distance while still carrying out his chores.

Multitasking: the baby monitor is more effective when caring for twins ,triplets or even quadruplets since some brands come with expandable feature for up to 4 babies e.g. Samsung SEW 3037W wireless model.

The market offers a variety of monitors but to zero in on the best monitors for a baby, the following features have to be taken into consideration:

Quality: The gadgets should be manufactured with the highest quality to ensure they are long lasting and durable due to frequent falling off or use near wet areas like the kitchen.

Expandability: this will suffice to use for more babies and also in a baby care or nursery setting.

High definition/Resolution: the graphic images should be of clear and crispy quality as well as clear, free from buzz audio.

Digital: Best infant monitors are digital and not analogue, this ensures that they suffer from minimal wave interferences as the case of RF frequencies ,radio call , micro waves that will distort the image on the monitor , poor sound quality as well as an intruder being able to tap in into a conversation. Brands labelled DECT are the best to go for.

Battery life: Infant monitors are known to drain the batteries quite fast hence a model that features durable long lasting batteries as well as easy charging is vouched for e.g. the summer Baby touch color baby monitor.

LED lighting: is an additional feature that will warn a parent when she is in an environment where sound might be hampered.

Night Vision and Infra red: baby monitors featuring this very well equipped for use in the dark.

Portability: monitors that feature a wide and clear LCD screen, light in weight and high refresh color cycle i.e. true colors in VGA of SVGA are the best e.g. Motorola MBP36 remote wireless model.Best baby monitors

3 Best baby monitors in regard to high technology, functionality, user friendliness, efficiency, effectiveness as well as user review and ratings are as follows:

1. Motorola MBP36 Remote wireless baby monitor:

Here is a quick list of important points on the Motorola MBP36 Remote wireless baby monitor:
-Dimension 11” by 9” by 8 inches
-Weight 1.7 pounds
-2.8 inch color LCD screen
-Infrared night vision
-Refresh rate 2.4 GHz
-Room Temperature sensor
-Zoom feature
-5 polyphonic lullabies
-5 LED noise alert levels
-200 meter range and out of range warning

-High definition thus clear images and sound
-Digital thus less interference or cross talk
-Zoom effect and remote control of voice as well as temperature is the biggest merit it has
-Infrared night vision

-Pricier than the summer baby model
-The LCD screen smaller than Samsung’s 3.5 inch

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2. Samsung SEW 3037W wireless baby monitor:

Here is a quick list of important points on the Samsung SEW 3037W wireless baby monitor:
-Dimensions 4.5” by 11.2” by 9.5 inches
-Weight 2.5 pounds
-3.5 inch color LCD screen
-Secure interference rate 2.4 GHz
-Remote control panel
-Tilt and Zoom
-In built night light
-2 way talk
-Expandable up to 4 cameras
-Uses Ac for baby and rechargeable battery for the parent
-5 LED noise alert levels
-Night Vision
-Digital signal up to 900′
-Low battery warning

-Wide clear digital audio and video display
-Tilt function to easily focus and monitor baby
-Long range Digital coverage
-Expandability, night vision sand Infrared
-Highest ratings at 4.3/5

-Most expensive of the three
-Most heaviest
-AC power for baby units is restrictive to mobility

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3. Summer baby touch baby monitor:

Here is a quick list of important points on the Summer baby touch baby monitor:
-Dimensions 5” by 9.9” by 1.2 inch
-Weight 2.9 pounds
-3.5 inch digital color display LCD

-Touch Screen controlled monitor
-Scan and Zoom
– Contrast and brightness control
-2 way talk back option
-400 meter range

-The cheapest of the 3 models
-Unique talk back feature

-Has the lowest user rating at 3.8/5
-Has the least features

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The winner of the Best Baby Monitor is?

The Verdict from the above comparison give the Samsung SEW 3037W a thumbs up despite having the highest price tag ,it has the most elaborate features plus the huge market coverage by Samsung electronics ensures that the gadget has back up in terms of purchase or spare part service.

We hope you have enjoyed this series on the Best baby monitors. As you can clearly see we have provided a range of product reviews on the essential baby product parents require researching into. If you have any questions on the Best baby monitors, just shoot us a comment or email. Don’t forget to check out the best baby monitor, the discounted price for the Samsung SEW 3037W.

Going through Nursing Cramps - what you should know

Being a mother is not easy, especially during a few days after delivering the baby. Mothers will have nursing cramps that gives them a very uneasy feeling; however, not every mother will undergo this kind of difficulty. Though, this is a normal thing, it’s uncomfortable and troublesome to deal with. Some find it a little distressing and upsetting that will make them focus more on the pain than on taking take of their newborns. That is why it’s better to understand what these cramps are and how to ease them. After delivery, most mothers will experience nursing cramps. However, understanding nursing cramps will assure you that it is normal occurrence, though not all mothers will undergo it.

Dr. Susan’s Solutions: The Menstrual Cramps Cure

Why nursing cramps happen.

Going through Nursing Cramps - what you should know

During nursing or breastfeeding a baby, a mother may feel strong and menstrual-like discomforts in their abdomen. This may surprise a lot of new mothers, since they are maybe expecting physical relief after giving birth. The reason for this is when you are nursing a child; the letdown reflex releases a hormone that aids in the contraction of the uterus to bring it back to its original size. These nursing contractions lead to a bothering pain, but it will all just cease in time. Nursing cramps may be an inconvenience, but it does help your body restore to normal. Some people say that the after pains become more intense with each subsequent delivery, but it isn’t necessarily true.

Understanding nursing cramps gives assurance.

When you know about something, it makes you assured and confident as you face it. There’s no better way to ease the anxiety of having nursing spasms after delivery than to get information about it. There are a lot of data about these cramps on the internet, forums and even in books. If you are having this or you are anxious about this, take time to be informed and secured. This cramp happens in just a few days and not longer than two weeks, so you just have to endure it and trail good advises, especially from the doctors. Physicians may give you Paracetamol or Tylenol, which are safe for you, if the pain is intolerable. Many women have also went through this nursing problems, so it’s also worthy to listen to their experiences and how they got over those period.

Going through Nursing Cramps - what you should knowNursing cramps can be avoided.

There are ways on how to avoid these breastfeeding cramps. One of which is emptying your bladder before you breastfeed the baby. It is during a full bladder that makes the pain more intense and stronger because of the pressure that a full bladder puts on the still irregular, not normal uterus. Doctors also suggest not lying flat on your back, as this position will puts pressure on the uterus, too. You should breastfeed sitting up with folded legs in front of you; this position will direct the uterus forward, thus not touching your bladder or other internal organs. It’s always best to keep what you need at arm’s reach, to prevent too much stretching of the abdominal muscles. After giving birth, it’s better to expect these nursing discomforts and be prepared than to assume relief. Taking it easy, asking questions, and following advises always have good outcomes and consequences. Whether you’re a new mother or not, you can always learn from the information that you can get from others and pass it on to those who also need advises or a guide to overcome these nursing cramps in the future.

Calming a baby

Ask any mother about the most difficult task in motherhood; all of them will give the same answer – calming a baby. With a fussy babywho cries and throws tantrums frequently, this becomes all the more difficult. Pacifying a baby keeps the mother on her nerves almost round the clock. Searching for some tips to calm a difficult baby? Here you go.

Calming a baby

What makes a baby fussy?

There are those babies who are ‘born calm’ – it appears as if nobody has to sooth them or pacify them, because they are naturally calm all the time. Their mothers are considered to be lucky. Unfortunately, not all babies are so. Many children cry at the smallest provocations. A slight change in the climate or a stranger’s presence will set them going. If you have a colicky baby, first remember that it is not always the child’s fault.Usually such kids are sensitive, and they usually find it difficult to adapt to changes. This leads them to behave in a difficult and fussy way. Understanding this simple secret is very important if you want to keep your baby happy. The best way to control the discomfort is to avoid the situation that causes discomfort.

How to Stop Thumbsucking (and Other Oral Habits): Practical Solutions for Home and Therapy

Soothing a ColickyBaby – The Best Way

Calming a baby

Babies make a fuss if they are uncomfortable. Hence, the best way to calm fussy baby is to find out what makes the kid uncomfortable, and change it.The baby can’t speak for itself; you, being his/her parent, have to find out what’s bothering him/her. Once you find out, make the child comfortable as soon as possible. The baby will naturally calm down.

Some common reasons that make a child uncomfortable are the following:

1. The baby is suffering from some common health issues 2. It is time to feed the baby 3.The baby wants to sleep, and he/she can’t 4. The climate is affecting the baby 6. The baby does not like the crowd and noise that he/she is in 7. The baby is not familiar with somebody in the room 8. Cloths, diaper etc are bothering the baby

Tips and Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby:

Once you know why your baby is uncomfortable, try to make it right. Here are some ways:

Calming a baby

1. Try to divert the baby’s attention by showing something attractive. 2. Give a toy to the baby 3. Take the baby and step out of the house. Some fresh air may change the mood of the baby. 4. Speak to the baby in a soothing voice. Even if the baby does not understand, the manner will calm the baby 5. Feed the baby if you feel he/she is hungry 6. If you feel that the baby is sleepy and can’t sleep properly, then try to pat the baby to sleep. 7. Sing to the baby, or put some calming music on. Best way to calm fussy baby is to be motherly and soothing toward the him/her. If you get frustrated, it will only increase the baby’s discomfort. Be pleasant, be your motherly self. If the baby remains bothered for a long time, then check with a doctor just to make sure that the baby is not suffering from any illness. Above all, try to understand your kid. Happy parenting!

Pacifiers and Thumbsucking

A pacifier is a rubber or plastic nipple that a baby chews or sucks on and has the appearance of a teat and comes with a handle to avoid the danger choking on it. Thumb sucking usually involves placing the thumb in the mouth and rhythmically repeating sucking contact for a given duration of time. Both of these actions (pacifier and thumb sucking) enable babies to soothe and calm themselves. As the children get older they tend to out grow this habit naturally and by the age of five years most will have completely stopped it.

Pacifiers and Thumbsucking

When do Pacifiers and Thumbsucking become a problem?

1. If the child continues sucking very strongly on the thumb beyond the age of six years, then, it is time for intervention. This is the period during which the temporary teeth fall off and the permanent ones begin to grow. Thumb suckers who prolong this habit stand the risk of having improperly aligned teeth. If caught in time, the condition usually corrects itself. But the longer the thumb-sucking continues, the more likely that orthodontic treatment will be needed.

2. When you start noticing speech problems because the child starts to lisp. The tongue will normally be thrust out when talking and this interferes with pronunciation of the letters D, T, and S.

3. If the child asks for help on their own volition due to various factors. These might be bullying or teasing from their friends which makes them feel shamed and embarrassed.

Stop Thumb Sucking, Thumbusters, Pink

Pacifiers and Thumbsucking

How is the problem of Pacifiers and Thumbsucking treated?

1. Simple home remedies often work and they include putting gloves on the hands, adhesive tape or an unpleasant tasting food on the child’s favourite finger. If they try to insert their fingers into the mouth it serves as a gentle reminder that they are not supposed to be sucking them.

2. Verbally praise the children when they are not using the pacifiers or sucking on their fingers. Positive reinforcement will make the child more responsive. Develop a reward system and let them actively participate in it. Star charts and daily rewards are a great way of doing this.

3. Discuss with the child and let them know that when they are ready to stop you will help them. This gives them the confidence they need to reach out and confide in you if they encounter any hurdles.

4. Provide other methods of distracting them from wanting to use pacifiers. Put away items like toys or their favourite blankets that trigger the urge to start thumb or digit sucking. Introduce them to activities that will occupy their hands more.

Pacifiers and Thumbsucking

5. Dental appliance can be used as a last resort and an expert should be consulted before using it. It’s usually used on children who are eight years or older and it’s often followed by braces. It has wire loops up behind the front teeth that stop the thumb from being placed in the way they like.

6. Do not use negative methods that include spanking, yelling or punishment to stop the sucking. These will develop feelings of anxiety and hence trigger more thumb-sucking which will result in the development of a vicious cycle.

7. Wean the child slowly from the pacifiers because of the attachment they develop with it. Allow them to have it at nap time only. You could even poke a hole in it to make them think its broken.

Pacifiers and Thumbsucking