Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman’s life. The woman can look ravishing during this tenure of her life while there are also high chances of several skin problems during this phase due to the several changes and fluctuations of the hormonal level in the body. Women need to be absolutely cautious to keep their skin healthy to provide obstruction to the toxic materials from entering in the body and affecting the growing baby inside. Thus pregnancy skin care is the prime requirement of a pregnant lady to take into consideration.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Most Common Pregnancy Skin Care Problems:


This is the most common skin problem that is faced by the pregnant women who are generally prone to it. There may also be rashes and discolouration of the skin to a huge extent particularly during this phase of the women.


This is a skin disorder where discolouration of the skin of the face especially the forehead, upper lip and nose takes place. There are possibilities of wrinkles and skin shedding due to the melasma disorder.


PUP which is actually known as the Puerperal Urticaria of Pregnancy is a very irritating disorder that causes mild to severe itching of several parts of the skin. This generally disappears after the delivery and does not cause any harm to the mother or the baby.

Herpes gestationis:

These are some of the pus filled lesions commonly developed on the skin of the abdomen area. This condition can occur during any time of the pregnancy period.
Several important pregnancy skin care techniques shall be followed in order to fight away the skin disorders to a large extent.
Pregnancy skin care is an indispensable item which should never be neglected by the pregnant lady and shall be treated with utmost care.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Step-by-Step Pregnancy Skin Care Procedure:

1. Thorough cleansing:

The skin needs to be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent the dirt from getting accumulated on the skin thereby preventing the skin disorders and eruptions to occur. The cleanser to be used shall be glycerine based and for the very dry skin soap less cleanser shall be used.

2. Applying sunscreen and moisturizing the skin:

In order to prevent unnecessary eruptions and lesions, the skin needs to be moisturized regularly and a sunscreen lotion shall be applied with a minimum content of SPF 15 that prevents the penetration of the ultraviolet rays in the skin. It also restricts the discoloration of the skin. Moisturizer rich in avobenzone or parsol in it shall be applied to prevent the skin from getting dried up. Water based moisturizer shall be used for the oily skin and oil based moisturizer for the dry skin to keep the skin healthy and fit. This is the most basic skin care technique that needs to be carried out by the pregnant women during her pregnancy period.

3. Regular facial or skin massage:

Massaging the face using fragrant oils help to maintain the circulation of the blood properly thereby prevent any blood clotting or discoloration. Also, it helps to keep the expecting woman relaxed and stress free.

4. Treat the acne/pimples:

Generally salicylic acids are the best way of treatment for the acne and skin abrasions. However, the acne during the stages of pregnancy are not treated with salicylic acid or retinoids. It is advisable to avoid using the salicylic acid to treat the acne just as a measure of precaution. Alpha hydroxy acid can be used in place of beta hydroxyl acid to treat the acne.

5. Ample sleep and a balanced diet:

A proper amount of sleep and a proper balanced diet are extremely essential for a pregnant woman. It not only keeps a would-be mother healthy but also helps to maintain the glow and shine of her skin removing the under eye dark circles and discolored patches from various parts of the skin. It helps to maintain an incredible look and imparts an awesome charisma to the personality of the pregnant woman.

Skin Care During Pregnancy
It is the responsibility of the mother to take proper care of her baby inside her. Skin being the exterior surface is exposed to several toxic chemicals. So, it is highly important to restrict the penetration of harmful substances in the skin thereby endangering the life of the mother and the baby as well. Thus the care for the baby is absolutely incomplete without the practice of the efficient pregnancy skin care under the proper guidance of the doctor/ dermatologist.

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Home births have become popular nowadays but are no means a novel concept. For ages women had delivery at home and all the complications were also managed by the mid wives along with experienced women of the family and community. As the medical science developed and clinics, nursing homes and hospitals came up, instances of giving birth at home started reducing and more and more people opted for hospital births for their children.

Home Births

Home Birth Vs. Hospital Birth

There are several advantages of using a nursing home or a hospital for the birth of your child. Even when your pregnancy has been smooth and you are healthy, you never know when a complication may come up. A hospital is well equipped to handle it and all kind of medical aid is available. This includes emergency cesarean section, any kind of complications during labor, post delivery care for the mother or child- in case there is some complication during the delivery and immediate check up of the kid. However some people always have concerns that sometimes the medical staff at hospitals make the patient go through some unnecessary procedures like episiotomy and epidural. Sometimes the parents to be do not want to use these processes but may not have complete control in a hospital scenario.
This is where a home birth wins. You get complete control of the birth environment for your child. You also get the security of being between all your loved ones. In a home birth you get the advantage of being flexible- you do not need to lie down on a single bed for a long stretch of time. You have the flexibility to move around. Also, you can ensure that none of the medical processes that you do not want are given to you like cesarean section birth or epidural. If you opt for a natural birth– then a natural birth is what you get. In fact the statistics suggest that the percentage of times cesarean or epidural was administered during a home birth process is much lesser as compared to the hospital birth.

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Home Births

Do I go for Home birth?

Home birth is a good option to be exercised in case you have had a trouble free pregnancy, you are healthy without any health complications and your spouse as well as family is supportive of it. You may not have an option to go for a home birth in case you have some health complications like diabetes, high blood pressure or some of the pregnancy related issues like breech position of your baby at 37 weeks, twins or pre-eclampsia.

In one or more of these conditions a mid wife or a doctor may not recommend a home birth. A home birth may also not be recommended if you have had a cesarean section delivery earlier. You may need medical aid during the delivery and it will be much safer for you to deliver in a hospital or a nursing home so that all the required medical aid is at hand and any kind of emergency can be taken care of.

Home Births

Requirements for a Home Birth

In case you have made up your mind to go in for a home birth, it is better to start the preparation quite early. The first thing you need to look out for is a well trained mid wife who can handle the delivery of a child at home. Please ensure that you take your own time in finalizing a midwife and do not hurry up the process. You should interview a few midwives and then see if you can get the recommendation from someone who has gone through this process with the same midwife. This way you can ensure that you are going to the right person.

A midwife will also generally work in collaboration with a gynecologist or obstetrician. While a midwife is trained to handle the deliveries at home, there may be certain situation when a medical intervention is required. Therefore it is important that a medical professional is available as a back up.

Generally a midwife will get all the essentials required for a home birth including oxygen mask, IVs for the mother, sterile gloves and other equipment for the delivery, ultrasonic stethoscope, medications for certain complications like blood hemorrhage, and some herbal medications to soothe the mother during the labor. You may check with her in case she would want you to take care of some things.

You will have to ready your house for the delivery. Pick up a spot where you would like to go through the process and make the arrangements in advance. You may do it along with your midwife and the family member who is going to support you during the labor. This way they will be familiar with the place and will be able to support you during the delivery process.

While you make up your mid for a home delivery, you also need to be prepared that you may have to be shifted to the hospital in case some complications come up. This may be due to the mother giving up during the labor and labor not progressing, fetal distress, blood hemorrhage for the mother or some other medical complication. Hence you need to ensure that enough arrangements are in place to shift you to the hospital in case of an emergency. This is vital both for the safety of you and your baby. Also you would need to ensure that a pediatrician checks your new born baby within 24 hours of the delivery.

Home birth has its own advantages –

you are in the safe and secure environment of your home and will be able to breast feed your baby as soon as he or she is born. This way you can ensure that a bond is formed between you and antibodies are transferred to the baby. However this needs to be exercised with caution, else it may prove to be dangerous or at times fatal as well.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower becomes one of the most memorable moment for the expecting mother, if managed proficiently. This event can be fun and exciting when you choose to plan your way through it carefully. There are countless ways and ideas that you can incorporate to plan and arrange a baby shower. Here are some great shower ideas that your can use to make the experience even more joyous.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Picking Out the Right Baby Shower Invitation

In many countries, it is legal to find out the sex of the unborn baby and plan a baby shower accordingly. However, if you are not aware of the baby’s gender or the parents prefer to keep it a surprise till the baby is born, you can choose shower invitations that are available in neutral colors. Green and yellows are understood to be the most used neutral colors; but, you can also opt for red, orange, grey and any other bright color that’s pleasing to the eyes. You can search for baby shower invitations online as well. Your invitation will declare the theme that you are presenting. Thus, pick one carefully.

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Venue for the Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually held four to six weeks before the estimated due date. Carefully pick out a venue that will be easy for the mom-to-be to travel to. Her comfort comes first.

Themed Baby Showers

Some hosts prefer to go by a theme for the baby. For instance, unicorns, clowns and floral themes are one of the most preferred ones. These themes are not only colorful but also have immense scope to decorate the venue. If you plan to go ahead with a floral theme, make sure to ask the expecting mother if she is allergic to any kind of flower. This will save you from any unexpected surprises.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Planning Shower Games

Here is where you get to break the ice among guests who don’t know each other. Plan games that revolve around the mom-to-be and keep her involved – either as a judge or a participant. If you have picked out games for the expecting mom, take extra care and analyze if the game is safe for her to be played. Also, pick out games for the guests as they will enjoy being a participant. You can come across many games online that will help you in making further arrangements.

Managing Return Gifts

Nowadays, many baby shower hosts arrange return gifts for the guests. There is no need to spend a fortune on return gifts though. Chocolates are a favorite choice.

Baby Shower at Work

If you are planning a baby shower at your workplace for a colleague, remember that there is a space constraint; unless, you have an open space in your office. You can decorate the open space or a conference room with balloons and the gift centerpiece can be placed on the table. Canapés are the best kind of food that you can serve in a lot of varieties at the baby shower. It will be less complicated and fussy. Again, run a check-list with the expectant mother; so, you can choose the right foods that she can enjoy as well.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Seating Arrangements

If you are planning the baby shower in a banquet hall or a garden, make sure the guests are seated correctly. As we all know, there are some guests who don’t get along with each other. Therefore, you will have to skillfully seat them away from each other. This will reduce the expecting mother’s stress to a great deal.

Fun with Food

There are many caterers who decorate the food items for a baby showers with overflowing cuteness. This adds to a cheer and excitement for the expecting mother as well as the guests. From cupcakes to savory lollipops – anything decorated and adorned with creative baby shower idea will be sensational. Pick out a caterer wisely as the food platter should exhibit that there is someone special on its way.

Remember, the baby shower is all about the mom-to-be. Shower her will all the attention and care. Run the guest list and food items list through her once to be sure you are keeping all her desires in mind. Make here feel loved, cherished and special. That’s all a good baby shower host does.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Moms often use a being pregnant pillow throughout maternity when they start to have sleep problems or sleeping. And everybody knows that obtaining the proper quantity of rest throughout pregnancy is very important to the healthiness of both infant and mother. But regrettably leg cramping, back pain along with other related pains and aches can maintain expecting moms awake whatsoever hours from the night.

Pregnancy pillows might help ease several symptoms through alleviating the strain and stress brought on by lying lower while expecting. The additional support for the knees as well as back help produce a more organic sleeping position and help to make resting easier.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillow May also Double like a Nursing Cushion

If you’re like many people and looking for extra value in the current economy – locate a pillow that enables you to use your own pregnancy cushion for alternative activities with your own newborn for example breast or even bottle giving or may even serve like a safe place for belly time along with older infants.

1.) Being pregnant Sleeping Cushion: Sleeping in your corner is normally a preferred rest position since it takes the actual pressure from a expecting mother’s belly. However this particular side position can make stress about the hips as well as knees – an issue fully fixed with a pregnancy cushion. Look for any good maternal pillow which has an extra-large or v-shape design that means it is perfect with regard to tucking involving the knees as well as sleeping in your corner.

2.) Medical Pillow: A great nursing pillow may have an extra-large design to assist take tension from the back, neck as well as shoulders and supply a secure platform for the infant. Other revolutionary features to look out for:

– Curved design to ease pressure about the abdomen

– Breathable fabric to avoid seating or even overheating to Large — oval overstuffed as well as v-shaped style

– Belly time with regard to baby: As infants grow as well as develop you should give all of them a secure environment in order to strengthen their own muscles and learn how to move regarding. A multi-use being pregnant pillow makes an excellent safe place for infants to spider about or even climb. So that as your infant grows as well as learns in order to sit this could provide an ideal spot for understanding how to sit.

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Best Pregnancy Pillow

Search for Best Pregnancy Pillow Designs Which are Versatile as well as Fun

Look for a pregnancy cushion that greatest suits your own taste as well as, if you’ll find one inside a store, feel the actual fabric to ensure it is actually soft however won’t cause you to sweat. And do not settle with regard to anything dull either! With a lot of styles and designs out presently there find some thing fun that you simply won’t end up being embarrassed in order to leave lying round the family space when organization comes more than!

Many women discover that a being pregnant pillow could be super useful within their first trimester. Taking a look at pregnancy 7 days by 7 days, the maternal pillow appears to be most encouraged starting from pregnancy 7 days 4 or even pregnancy 7 days 5. Some moms discover the wedge shape is just too small for his or her pregnant belly. They choose other being pregnant pillows which are larger and therefore are shaped in a number of ways. Some tend to be full body-size cuddle pillows which support your own front as well as back simultaneously. Others have been in the form of long beanbags so you cuddle as much as them, cradling them as well as wrapping your self around all of them. A large amount of women tend to be naturally exhausted in pregnancy because of carrying the infant. In actuality, fatigue is just about the common being pregnant symptoms. Another from the early being pregnant symptoms is actually backache. Using a great maternity pillow may help relieve these two pregnancy signs and symptoms, by supporting both abdomen as well as the lower back again. It’s additionally comforting towards the legs in order to rest having a pillow involving the knees.

Lying quietly while sleeping is just about the preferred jobs while having a baby. This placement is the place where a long, tube formed maternity pillow may come in useful. It is generally molded in to various designs to comply with the natural form of the entire body. It could be tucked behind the rear, then increase and underneath the head, and fall the front to visit under the actual pregnant stomach, and then your end is actually tucked between your knees. It offers all-over comfort and ease and assistance for mother and infant.

Newborn Cord Blood

Cord blood is blood that is left in the umbilical cord and placenta after giving birth. Newborn cord blood is collected because it contains blood forming stem cells which are useful in treating diseases that require the transplant of the bone marrow. Diseases which can be treated using cord blood include leukemia, sickle cell disease and certain types of anemia. Parents might decide to have their newborn cord blood collected for use in the future once the child or a family member or relative suffer from problems relating to a cord blood curable diseases.


Newborn Cord Blood


Types of Banks That Collect And Store Newborn Cord Blood:


  1. Public Banks- These are cord blood banks that collect and store donated newborn cord blood for research or for giving to people who might need it for treatment of certain kinds of diseases.  Public banks do not charge any fee to provide this service. After a woman gives birth, the blood is collected, marked anonymously and sent to a public bank to be used and to be saved for future use. Parents donating their newborn cord blood in a public bank should be aware that in case the child or a family member develops a disease that is treatable using cord blood, the donated blood cannot be obtained from the bank. Thus, they should be careful and absolutely sure that they want to donate the blood to the bank as it is impossible to retrieve it later on.


  1. Private Banks – These are generally blood banks which store cord blood for personal use by the family members of the child. Private Banks charge a fee for this service. Family members who have a history of stem cell disease should think about this option. A family may decide to have the cord blood stored in a private bank in case one of their family members suffer a disease in the future which is highly treatable using newborn cord blood. The practice is however not recommended because of the high costs and the fact that the chances of the family member suffering from such types of diseases are low. Private Banks are highly recommended if the family has a history of stem cell disorders. If not, the blood could be donated to a public blood bank especially to patients who need it most.


Newborn Cord Blood


Obtaining Newborn Cord Blood


Newborn Cord Blood is obtained by pumping the placenta out through the umbilical cord at the delivery time after detaching the cord from the newborn. The cord blood is the one left behind in the placenta and the umbilical cord after delivery. This type of blood contains all of the essential elements in the body like white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Cord blood also contains hematopoietic cells which are types of stem cells that are very effective in treating heart diseases and associated with genetics or bone marrow problems. The cells are believed to be able to treat about seventy diseases.

There are several methods which professionals use to obtain cord blood. The most commonly used technique is the closed technique method. This is similar to the standard methods used or the collection of blood. In this method, a professional carries out the procedure and cuts the umbilical vein by the use of a needle that is connected to a blood bag through which the cord blood will be collected.  This method normally allows the collection of about 75ml of cord blood. The blood is then preserved and then kept in a cord blood bank.


Cord Blood Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine


Newborn Cord Blood


Uses of Infants Cord Blood


Infant cord blood contains cells that can be used to treat cancer and certain types of blood genetic disorders. Families with long histories of genetic disorders could benefit from newborn cord blood for treatment.

You can find studies which are being carried out to determine if newborn cord blood could be used to treat patients who have suffered injuries of the head, type 1 diabetes , stroke and hearing problems. The research is being carried out to children using their cord blood which cannot be rejected by their own body.

Birth Defects

Birth defects in infants are among the most worrying factors for expectant mothers. Most people should be aware of the fact that the risks depend on various factors including the age of the mother, medical history of the parents, and even the mental condition of the mother. The results of birth defects in infants can be visible in both the physical or mental condition of the one affected and it could either be simple or complicated.

All of these depend on the both the physical and mental condition of the mother right from the time of conception. There are a lot of things that should be considered with regards to the risks associated with birth defects. If the mother is at a normal age for giving birth, and has normal health conditions without past health problems or any health effects from family heredity then the risks of birth defects in the infant is incredibly less or even negligible.

However, the cases with visible birth defects which are primarily due to genetic problems are only about two to three percent out of more than 50 percent of the cases. A large number of cases are known to have positive outcomes with some special care during the pregnancy up to the time of delivery.   Birth Defects

The Birth Defects

The actual defects related to birth vary from case to case and it can involve the different body parts of the infant. Some defects may lead to affect the physical functioning of one or more body parts while some affect the mental functioning like having underdeveloped. The worst condition can be a combination of both the physical and mental problems. Some of the common birth defects are related to hearing, speech, movement of the limbs, normal functioning of the heart, brain, kidney, or lungs, premature aging, brain development and the affectation of other body parts.

These problems can be very minor and can be cured while a few of them can take a longer time to be cured because of their affectation and severity. Some of the defects may even require surgeries for correction. The worst defects can be non curable which means that the infant will have to live with the defect for a lifetime. The complexity of the defect can depend on physical and mental health of the mother before, during and after the delivery of the baby.

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Birth Defects

Diagnosing and Reducing Birth Defect Risks

Birth defects can be diagnosed at various stages including the pre-pregnancy stage where a woman is yet to conceive. The woman’s health is always important and most critical between the age bands of 25 and 30. This is the time period when most women get conceived.  Most women should be aware of the fact that this is also the time when they should take certain precautionary measures to reduce the birth defect risks.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that the age of the mother should not exceed 30 or 32 at most for her to achieve healthy pregnancy.
  2. A routine health checkup by a gynecologist and obstetrician is one of the main things that a pregnant woman should consider because he or she is the best person who can give you advice when it comes to your health condition as a mother.  If there are any complications with health that can be treated by the assistance of medicines, your gynecologist and obstetrician can give the best treatment for you.
  3. Follow a healthy diet plan and make sure that you exercise in fresh air which contributes to the normal functioning of your body parts. This is a very significant factor for the expectant mothers to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  4. It is not advisable for women to continue working if they are into some job or business because the stress produced at work can affect the baby negatively. Stress can instantly lead to the fluctuation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels in some cases. Thus, it is easier to avoid going to work or taking any kind of stress.
  5.  Ensure that you keep your mind fresh, calm and peaceful at all times by not taking any physical or mental stress. This is something which the rest of the family members of the pregnant woman should be careful about. Therefore, the atmosphere and the environment inside the home of the pregnant woman should be pleasing from the time of conception until delivery.
  6. Timely health checkup as advised by the doctor during pregnancy should be strictly followed. Routine checkup starting from the third month until the delivery time is highly advisable. The delivery time is the most crucial stage where various tests and scans are conducted. Through the regular checkups, the possible complications in the baby or the woman’s health can be diagnosed and treated. Missing an appointment scheduled with the doctor is one thing that you definitely need to avoid.
  7. Any birth defect related complications may arise even after conception due to a number of reasons including heredity and physical or mental stress levels. Some cases are again curable and the doctors will readily inform you about the detected complication upon delivery. If they advise to remove the baby for any reason relating to the complication detected, you should not hesitate and prepare yourself mentally to accept what the doctor will advise to you.

Birth Defects

Birth Defects and Avoiding Them

So it is always good to know more about the birth defects and how to avoid or reduce the birth defects even before you conceive. During pregnancy, it would always be best to take care of your health because you have to remember that there is a life inside you that you have to take care of.