Married women all around the world would love to have a child to cuddle and sing to. Husbands would feel the pride of being fathers when they get to hold the baby they planned. The PlanMyBaby book and method might just be of help here.

PlanMyBabyTraditionally, couples would not know what gender their baby has until it is born. But with the help of technology, with the use of ultrasound, expectant parents can take a peek at how their baby is doing inside the womb before it is born. They are able to know the gender of their child before it comes out be part of the outside world.

Although many parents would accept and love their child all the same whether they get a boy or a girl, the satisfaction of having a child with a preferred gender is much more fulfilling. Many parents, especially mothers, go through a certain stage of depression when they do not get the baby they wanted although they love the one they bore. This can be a hard thing to deal with if you are that mother.

Let us look at a few things that planmybaby website can help you with:

PlanMyBaby Methods were Tested

According to the author of the book Prince or Princess? Choosing Your Baby’s Gender Before Conception, Alicia Pennington, she has had experienced the methods before she wrote them down. As a practicing midwife for 12 years, she had come in contact with hundreds of mothers and has helped them during their giving birth.

What challenged her to writing the book and offering her proven techniques was when she met a mother who was so depressed after giving birth to a third daughter when she was expectant she will have a son, too, to complete the family.

This set her on the quest of not only helping psychologically but actually providing information on how to make it possible that the gender of your baby can be chosen before conception. PlanMyBaby can be a help to desperate couples. It would not hurt to try.

According to testimonies from couples who have tried the methods, it was effective and they can live their lives to the fullest with their dream family. There are no risks involved since the methods are natural. And, it is 94% effective as quoted on the website.

What’s in the PlanMyBaby Book?

PlanMyBabyThe book contains lots of information that you can learn from. As a woman, a wife, and a mother or mother-to-be, it is healthy to read books like this. As mentioned earlier, there is no harm in trying so go for it.

According to author Alicia Pennington, her planning a baby book contains information on how a woman can increase her fertility. This is important as fertility is the main factor in getting you pregnant. Another topic that the book will be talking about is how you can control which chromosome (X and Y) the sperm will fertilize which egg.

Sexual positions can also help in the gender development of the baby. In her book, Alicia Pennington will talk about which positions will work out to make a baby boy or a baby girl. You will also learn the proper timing of intercourse to achieve your goal and get results. And, besides that, you will also be instructed on what dietary program you can adopt to boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl.

These topics and many more are what you can get from reading the book alone. Once you read the book, the decision to undertake any recommendation is up to you.

How to Know if the PlanMyBaby Information is Reliable

PlanMyBabySince this is about something that pertains to your general health as a woman and to your chances of getting pregnant, you can prove the methods and recommendations therein through scientific explanations. Do not put logical explanations aside, too. They are as helpful as scientific explanations.

If the recommendations require that you believe or follow a certain superstition then it is definitely a hoax. Superstitions have no scientific bases and are mostly borne out of legends or culture.

Another consideration is if the adviser of the method has had previous experiences and has built credibility on this field then he or she has the right to recommend or prescribe such actions. Sometimes, there are experiences by medical practitioners or general practitioners that cannot be found in their medical books. That could be what Alicia Pennington offers in her book on planning your baby’s gender.