Best Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower becomes one of the most memorable moment for the expecting mother, if managed proficiently. This event can be fun and exciting when you choose to plan your way through it carefully. There are countless ways and ideas that you can incorporate to plan and arrange a baby shower. Here are some great shower ideas that your can use to make the experience even more joyous.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Picking Out the Right Baby Shower Invitation

In many countries, it is legal to find out the sex of the unborn baby and plan a baby shower accordingly. However, if you are not aware of the baby’s gender or the parents prefer to keep it a surprise till the baby is born, you can choose shower invitations that are available in neutral colors. Green and yellows are understood to be the most used neutral colors; but, you can also opt for red, orange, grey and any other bright color that’s pleasing to the eyes. You can search for baby shower invitations online as well. Your invitation will declare the theme that you are presenting. Thus, pick one carefully.

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Venue for the Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually held four to six weeks before the estimated due date. Carefully pick out a venue that will be easy for the mom-to-be to travel to. Her comfort comes first.

Themed Baby Showers

Some hosts prefer to go by a theme for the baby. For instance, unicorns, clowns and floral themes are one of the most preferred ones. These themes are not only colorful but also have immense scope to decorate the venue. If you plan to go ahead with a floral theme, make sure to ask the expecting mother if she is allergic to any kind of flower. This will save you from any unexpected surprises.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Planning Shower Games

Here is where you get to break the ice among guests who don’t know each other. Plan games that revolve around the mom-to-be and keep her involved – either as a judge or a participant. If you have picked out games for the expecting mom, take extra care and analyze if the game is safe for her to be played. Also, pick out games for the guests as they will enjoy being a participant. You can come across many games online that will help you in making further arrangements.

Managing Return Gifts

Nowadays, many baby shower hosts arrange return gifts for the guests. There is no need to spend a fortune on return gifts though. Chocolates are a favorite choice.

Baby Shower at Work

If you are planning a baby shower at your workplace for a colleague, remember that there is a space constraint; unless, you have an open space in your office. You can decorate the open space or a conference room with balloons and the gift centerpiece can be placed on the table. Canapés are the best kind of food that you can serve in a lot of varieties at the baby shower. It will be less complicated and fussy. Again, run a check-list with the expectant mother; so, you can choose the right foods that she can enjoy as well.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Seating Arrangements

If you are planning the baby shower in a banquet hall or a garden, make sure the guests are seated correctly. As we all know, there are some guests who don’t get along with each other. Therefore, you will have to skillfully seat them away from each other. This will reduce the expecting mother’s stress to a great deal.

Fun with Food

There are many caterers who decorate the food items for a baby showers with overflowing cuteness. This adds to a cheer and excitement for the expecting mother as well as the guests. From cupcakes to savory lollipops – anything decorated and adorned with creative baby shower idea will be sensational. Pick out a caterer wisely as the food platter should exhibit that there is someone special on its way.

Remember, the baby shower is all about the mom-to-be. Shower her will all the attention and care. Run the guest list and food items list through her once to be sure you are keeping all her desires in mind. Make here feel loved, cherished and special. That’s all a good baby shower host does.