When you are pregnant, it can be hard to find a pair of comfortable maternity trousers that really fit correctly. Pregnant bodies contort in strange ways that make wearing regular womens’ pants impossible. It is very important, though, for pregnant women to go out of their way to find pants that fit well. Having clothes that are comfortable can make the pregnancy experience much easier and less stressful.

Important Factors For Maternity Pants Purchases

If you are pregnant and looking for the perfect pants, there are a few different factors that you should strongly consider. You should never have to settle for second-best when it comes to what you wear while pregnant. Instead, you should find maternity trousers that are affordable and that can conform to your body and work for you.

maternity pantsThe most important thing to consider when shopping for any type of maternity clothing is comfort. When you are pregnant, it can be very hard to get comfortable. Having uncomfortable pants definitely does not help. You should search for pants that have a soft material that will feel comfortable on your tender stomach. You should also make sure to find pants that are large enough to accommodate your baby bump. Make sure that you always buy trousers that are intended to be for pregnant women. You will not find a comfortable fit with regular pants. If you attempt to just wear larger regular pants instead of maternity pants, you will find that they are too long and loose on your legs.

Another important factor to consider is the fashion of the pants. While it can be easy to just wear sweat pants all of the time, they are not very suitable for an office environment. You should purchase some dressy pants that you can wear for any purpose. Do not settle for drab, unflattering clothes just because you are pregnant. There are plenty of maternity clothes that can show off your fashion sense. Even if you are home on maternity leave, dressing up every once in a while can make you feel refreshed and better about yourself.

Lastly, it is very important to consider the price of the pregnancy trousers. When you are pregnant, you want to pinch every penny to make sure that you can afford to meet all of the needs of your new baby. Spending a lot of money on maternity clothing will take away from that new baby budget. You should also remember that maternity clothes will not be wearable for very long after you give birth, so you should not spend too much on them. When considering what maternity clothes to buy, compare prices between different stores and items. You might be able to find some good discounts that you would not expect!

Maternity Pants Review: Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Dress Pant Review

Three Seasons offers several different colors of maternity dress pants. These pants, which are made of mostly polyester, include an elastic seam in the waist to make them suitable for pregnant women. They perfectly conform around the stomach without being too loose on the legs. The material is soft and comfortable, so you will find yourself wanting to wear them all the time. They are attractive and suitable for any type of occasion, whether it be work, school, or going out.

Beachcoco Women’s Maternity Fold Over Comfortable Lounge Pants (M, Contrast Band – Coral)


1. Soft material (polyester, rayon, and spandex blend) that feels good against the skin

2. Dressy enough to wear for nicer occasions and work

3. Elastic band makes them perfect for a pregnant woman’s body

4. Available in three different colors: grey, black, and brown


1. Run a little bit small and might not fit all women correctly (consider ordering a size up)

2. Elastic band can be stiff against stomach

Three Seasons Maternity Women’s Dress Pant Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect maternity clothes is the bane of many pregnant women. Finding good maternity dress pants is especially difficult; it can be very hard to find pants that let you look good at important events and in front of your co-workers while still feeling comfortable against your tender belly. Making clothes that fit the strange body shape of a pregnant woman can be difficult to do, and many companies have not quite figured it out yet. Three Seasons has. With their dress pants designed for pregnant women, Three Seasons has found the perfect blend of attractiveness and comfort. You will never have to wear sweat pants out of the house again!

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