motherhood tips

motherhood tipsMotherhood is one of the most admired but challenging period of a woman’s life. Any newly married woman would wish to be a mother within a short period of time. Motherhood starts when a woman becomes pregnant, nurse the pregnancy, deliver a child and nurse such a child to be an adult. For many mothers, it is difficult to sail through this stage of life without proper insight to it. This is the reason many mothers are looking for motherhood tips and guides across the internet and other sources. If you are in search of a short but exhaustible motherhood tips, you may read on.

You need to take good care of yourself while you are pregnant. This is because whatever you will do to yourself, you may as well do it to your baby. It is advisable that you observe a well balanced diet as prescribed by your health care giver. In addition, you should also observe workout routine that will help you during the time delivery. You should maintain light exercises, including light jogs and walking at least three times a week for about 30 minutes each session during your pregnancy period.

The other powerful motherhood tip is taking doctor’s instructions and advice seriously. You should take all prescribed drugs and foods. Note that this will help you go through pregnancy phase comfortable. As a pregnant woman, you should be mentally comfortable, as well.

After giving birth, you need to protect your child. You should not forget taking care o yourself too in expense of your child. During this motherhood phase, you will need a lot of guidance from experienced mothers. All you need to do is to consult an experienced mother for further motherhood tips, guidance and advice. Do not forget to enjoy your motherhood.

Motherhood tips – Pros and cons of different parenting styles

motherhood tipsThere are a few parenting styles; however, the three dominant ones are authoritative, permissive and authoritarian parenting styles. Many parents will employ combination of these parenting styles. Authoritative mothers administer hard but fair discipline to their children. One advantage of mothers observing authoritative parenting style always displays equal love to their children. The only con of this parenting style is that it involves use of much disciplinary measures. Children from a family where their mother practice authoritative parenting style always demonstrate high academic achievement. Many of these children will describe their parents as loving, encouraging and caring.

Authoritarian mothers do not entertain two way communications with their children. This type of parenting style is harsh, strict and demanding. There are many rules and believes in their parenting principles. The disadvantages of children form families where their mothers administer authoritative parenting style tend to have low self esteem. In addition, such children will perform poorly in school. Such children will describe their mothers as punitive. The advantage of this type of parenting style is that children from such families are obedient with good manners. However, in most cases, these children are not unhappy most of the time.

On the other hand, permissive mothers have few rules. Such mothers will allow their children to do anything without much order. Permissive parenting style is in most cases related to single mothers, working mothers or simply a mother with no parenting skills. Mothers who observe permissive parenting style takes off hand from their children affairs. To some extreme situation, such mothers may end up not knowing their children where about. The disadvantage of this kind of parenting leadership style is that children get spoiled at tender ages. The only advantage of this parenting style is that mothers will tend to take a friend role to their children. This is not the best type of parenting style. Therefore, good mothers should try to avoid this style of parenting style.

A look at a few places to find parenting resources

Now that you have read exhaustible motherhood tips as well as a few parenting styles with their pros and cons, you can choose which parenting style will make you a better mother. There are quite a number of resources out there, including parenting groups, parenting classes, parenting television shows and parenting magazines among other resources that can help you cope with parenting challenges.

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