Advanced Maternal Age Risks

Advanced Maternal Age RisksAdvanced maternal age risks is an old medical term that was used to refer to pregnancy at an age of thirty five and above. It was considered that conceiving over the age of thirty five was risky, but research has shown a high success rate though there are many complications that come along. Chances of conception after the age of thirty five are low because age reduces the fertility of the egg from the late 30s. However, conception beyond this age depends on the health status of the mother, but of much concern is the associated risks. There are numerous complications that may arise from advanced maternal age which include chromosomal defects,still births, maternal deaths, miscarriages, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Chromosomal Defects:

Advanced maternal age is linked with increase in chromosomal defects. These are genetic complications that may bring health risks to the baby. Some of the common chromosomal defects are the down syndrome and cystic fibrosis. There are no medical cures for these defects but they can be handled if detected by the doctor early enough. In most countries, doctors advice patients to terminate pregnancies if genetic defects are noted early. The most prevalent of these complications is down syndrome, which is a defect associated with eggs that have aged. Research suggests that as the eggs get old, they are prone to errors that cause trisomies. One of the trisomies, which is trisomy 21 is what is called down syndrome. These chromosomal defects can be curbed through the use of a special preconception diet that has a high concentration of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, D, and zinc.


The risk of miscarriages in advanced maternal age is caused by the presence of other genetic defects. These defects cause miscarriages because of the tests that must be carried in expectant women to determine their presence. One of the tests carried out on advanced maternal age mothers is amniocentesis. The test greatly increases chances of miscarriage in both advanced and early maternal ages. Besides this, most miscarriages occur during the first four months of pregnancy and usually increase with increase in age because of reduced quality of the egg. At the age of forty five, women experience a fifty percent chance of miscarriage. The risk of miscarriage can however be reduced through the use of homeopathic drugs which induce hormonal balance before and during pregnancy.

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Advanced Maternal Age RisksStill Births:

Still births constitute common risks associated with advanced maternal age. This is a term referring to death of a fetus after twenty weeks of pregnancy. It is two times higher than normal in women conceiving at the age of forty and beyond. These deaths are not common during birth, and may be detected through a test called ultrasonography.


Advanced maternal age risks include gestational diabetes as well. This is a diabetic infection that develops during pregnancy. Its effect is a resulting big baby, with a risk of being injured during birth. It results from increased levels of glucose in the blood after pregnancy. Almost 18 % of all women experience gestational diabetes. It is a dangerous infection that will cause low blood sugar levels to the baby after birth, and sometimes type 2 diabetes some time during the child’s life.

High blood pressure:

High blood pressure may develop in women that have not experienced the problem before. The most chronic type called preeclampsia mostly affects women above the age of thirty five and the unborn babies too. It usually happens in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy and may cause organ failure,stroke, death and even failure to both the mother and the baby.

Other complications:

Other problems associated with advanced maternal age may include placental problems. The placenta develops a problem called previa, whereby the placenta develops and covers the cervix. This brings difficulties with vaginal birth, necessitating Cesarian section.

Premature birth can not be left out. This is birth of a baby before term. Premature birth poses learning problems to the child.

Conclusively, though advanced maternal age may be preferred for conception due to financial and other related issues, the risks that come along are many and should be taken into consideration, to avoid risking both the lives of the mother and baby.

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

When a woman of 35 years or more becomes pregnant, she is deemed to be of advanced maternal age. As a female gets older, her egg stores diminish and the remaining ones might not be as viable and healthy as they were during the post puberty period.

Advanced Maternal Age PregnancyMedical experts (obstetricians) highly recommend women past the age of 35 years to seek advanced health care during pregnancy as they have higher risks of complicated pregnancies. Though not all women experience complications, obstetricians have to give close medical attention, in case of any emergency.

Risks Associated with Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a notable pregnancy risk for women in this age group. It is a chromosomal defect believed to be caused by aging eggs. When women reach 40 years, approximately one in every 400 of them have a risk of giving birth to an infant with Down syndrome. For women past this age, the risk of this condition becomes particularly high – by the age of 49, an estimated one in every 12 pregnant women will conceive infants with Down syndrome. Your obstetrician will demand for chronic villous sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis to assess the possibility of Down syndrome in the fetus.

Fraternal Twins

This age is also associated with the risk of having a fraternal twin pregnancy. Besides age, the total number of pregnancies also comes into focus. For instance, if a 35-year old woman becomes pregnant and she has had four pregnancies prior to the current one, then she is 2-3 times likely to give birth to fraternal twins.

Other Health Risks

Advanced Maternal Age PregnancyAs women grow older, they are more prone to conditions and diseases related to aging, such as, hypertension, arthritis, and diabetes. A number of these conditions, coupled with the general age of the body, can easily increase the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature labour and gestational diabetes.

Risks Associated with Tests performed on Women of Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancies

The two common tests recommended for women with advanced maternal age pregnancy, amniocentesis and CVS, are known to increase the possibility of miscarriage. However, this possibility is less than one-percent. Note that these tests are not mandatory and are not necessary for obstetric care; hence the woman ought to weigh the risks of undergoing amniocentesis and CVS with the gains of undergoing early tests to detect any possible health conditions that may affect the fetus. CVS is conducted in the initial stages of the pregnancy, but it tends to cause more problems than amniocentesis which is conducted later on.

Managing Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

The management of advanced maternal age patients depends on what the individual prefers. Generally, patients ought to be offered screening tests during the pregnancy period to evaluate if the woman faces potential risks. A common test involves drawing blood from the woman and examining hormone levels according to the stage of the pregnancy.

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Today, ultrasounds can be performed to check the “nuchal translucency” or, simply, the thin fat pad found at the back of the fetus’ neck. This is vital for Down syndrome infants that usually have a thick nuchal fold.

Advanced Maternal Age PregnancyAnother effective tool used in the management of maternal age pregnancies is the detailed ultrasound (Level II). This also aids in the screening of chromosomal abnormalities, including, neural tube defects, Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Down syndrome.

The advancement of technology in the medical world has also made it possible to conduct tests that trace the tiny amounts of DNA released by the infant into its mother’s bloodstream. These tests can detect any deformities and are more effective when combined with other related medical tests.


No matter which single test or combination of test is performed, patients must always remember that these tests are only meant to screen for abnormalities and not to diagnose any complication or condition. These tests are not very efficient in pointing out where the problem in the woman’s body. In addition, it has been discovered that most of these screening tests produce high rates of false positive results. Thus, it is vital for patients to understand the possibilities of such mishaps to avoid any unnecessary worries in case a positive result is obtained during testing. If a positive test is obtained, the mother must be undergo counseling and undertake further invasive tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Best Maternity Wardrobe

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Maternity is the best phase of a woman’s life and her life undergoes a whole new transformation. Everything matters a lot in this phase of life whether it’s the food a woman eats or the dress she wears, everything has a meaning. Women are immensely conscious when it comes to their dresses and they want nothing less than the best. Well for all those who want nothing less than the best should consider buying Ripe Maternity Women’s Claire Satin Dress.

The importance of colors in a woman’s life

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The positive aspects of the magical pink dress

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The drawbacks of the pink beauty

Everything has its positive and negative aspects. A woman might feel that the dress reveals the weight a bit more for already obese women. Moreover very rarely it happens that pink may not turn out to be the best color for more Tan complexions. The issue with a zip is that it can be easily damaged and a bit less reliable then buttons.

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

It is a universal truth that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. One is bound to look good if one wishes to feel good about herself. There are examples of people rising to success and it is primarily because of confidence. A would be mom should feel confident about herself. She should realize that her weight depicts that fact that a small wonder and twinkle of her eye is growing inside her. Moreover the beautiful pink dress has so many advantages that the small drawbacks can be ignored. The best tip of the day is that whenever one goes for a purchase then she should weigh the pros and cons and if the pros are more than the best approach is to go for the purchase. The mother should feel the brightness in her future life by wearing the pink dress to celebrate the arrival of happiness in her life.

best foods for pregnancy

There are many ways of ensuring that pregnant woman and her baby are obtaining the nutrients they both need. There are a variety of foods that women can eat during their pregnancy period. However, pregnant women need not like or consume them all. They should pick and select their favorites to give their pregnancy a nutritional boost.

The following are the 10 best foods for pregnancy:

1. Eggs

best foods for pregnancyAn egg contains more than twelve vitamins as well as minerals. Eggs also contain plenty of quality protein that is important for pregnancy. Infant cells usually grow at an exponential rate. Moreover, every body cell is made of protein. In addition, the pregnant woman has her own protein requirements.

Eggs are also said to be rich in choline that promote the baby’s entire growth as well as brain health, while preventing neural tube defects. Other eggs also have omega-3 fats, significant for both vision and brain development.

However, eggs are rich in cholesterol though they’re moderately low in saturated fat, which is approximately one or one and a half grams in each egg.

Healthy women who have normal blood cholesterol may consume one or two eggs a day being part of a healthy diet.

2. Salmon

Salmon contains high-quality protein and it is also an extremely excellent source of omega-3 fats. And unlike swordfish, tile fish, shark and king mackerel, salmon has low level of methyl mercury. This is a compound which may be detrimental to the infant’s developing nervous system.

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However, pregnant women should avoid eating more than 12 ounces in every week to avoid consuming too much mercury.

3. Beans

best foods for pregnancyBeans are foods with the most fiber as well as protein in all the vegetables. Fiber is important to a pregnant woman in the nine-month wait. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s gastrointestinal tract slows down, that put one at risk for hemorrhoids and constipation. Fiber may also help prevent as well as relieve these problems.

Moreover, foods that have fiber are nutrient-rich. This is definitely true of beans that are good sources of calcium, zinc and iron.

4. Sweet potatoes

They are foods that are great source of fiber vitamin C. They’re inexpensive as well as versatile. Sweet potatoes obtain orange color from carotenoids. These are plant pigments which are converted in our bodies to vitamin A.

Although consuming a lot of “preformed” vitamin A can be risky, carotenoids are different. They’re turned to vitamin A only when needed.

5. Popcorn as well as other whole grains

Popcorn is a whole grain food. Whole grains are significant in pregnancy since they’re rich in fiber as well as nutrients, including selenium, vitamin E. These are plant compounds which protect cells.

6. Walnuts

Walnuts are among the richest sources of plant-based omega-3s. Omega-3 is important for baby’s brain growth.

7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a favorite pregnancy food since it has two times the protein of standard yogurt. Any type of yogurt is a rich source of calcium that is very important in a pregnancy diet. If a pregnant woman doesn’t take in sufficient calcium, the inadequate amount one have usually go to the infant depleting the calcium in the pregnant woman’s bones and teeth.

Calcium helps keep pregnant woman’s bones intact while still laying down a strong skeleton for her baby.

8. Dark green and leafy vegetables

Spinach, Swiss chard, kale as well as other green leafy vegetables are usually loaded with vitamins as well as nutrients, together with vitamins A, C, and K, and the all-important foliate. Dark green and leafy vegetables also promote eye health.

9. Lean meats

Meats are exceptional source of high-quality body building nutrients. Lean meets have fat trimmed off. Beef as well as pork stand out among meats to be good since in addition to protein, they have chlorine.

best foods for pregnancy10. Colorful fruits as well as veggies

Eating variety of orange, green, red, purple, yellow and white fruits as well as vegetables may ensure that the pregnant woman and the baby obtain a variety of nutrients. Every color group provides diverse vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants.

Another advantage of consuming across the fruit as well as veggie spectrum during the later stages of pregnancy is that the baby usually ‘tastes’ the foods one consumes through the amniotic fluid. Thus, if a pregnant woman exposes her baby to a variety of nutritious fruits as well as vegetables in the womb, they may increase the possibility that their baby may recognize and accept the flavors later on.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman’s life. The woman can look ravishing during this tenure of her life while there are also high chances of several skin problems during this phase due to the several changes and fluctuations of the hormonal level in the body. Women need to be absolutely cautious to keep their skin healthy to provide obstruction to the toxic materials from entering in the body and affecting the growing baby inside. Thus pregnancy skin care is the prime requirement of a pregnant lady to take into consideration.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Most Common Pregnancy Skin Care Problems:


This is the most common skin problem that is faced by the pregnant women who are generally prone to it. There may also be rashes and discolouration of the skin to a huge extent particularly during this phase of the women.


This is a skin disorder where discolouration of the skin of the face especially the forehead, upper lip and nose takes place. There are possibilities of wrinkles and skin shedding due to the melasma disorder.


PUP which is actually known as the Puerperal Urticaria of Pregnancy is a very irritating disorder that causes mild to severe itching of several parts of the skin. This generally disappears after the delivery and does not cause any harm to the mother or the baby.

Herpes gestationis:

These are some of the pus filled lesions commonly developed on the skin of the abdomen area. This condition can occur during any time of the pregnancy period.
Several important pregnancy skin care techniques shall be followed in order to fight away the skin disorders to a large extent.
Pregnancy skin care is an indispensable item which should never be neglected by the pregnant lady and shall be treated with utmost care.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Step-by-Step Pregnancy Skin Care Procedure:

1. Thorough cleansing:

The skin needs to be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent the dirt from getting accumulated on the skin thereby preventing the skin disorders and eruptions to occur. The cleanser to be used shall be glycerine based and for the very dry skin soap less cleanser shall be used.

2. Applying sunscreen and moisturizing the skin:

In order to prevent unnecessary eruptions and lesions, the skin needs to be moisturized regularly and a sunscreen lotion shall be applied with a minimum content of SPF 15 that prevents the penetration of the ultraviolet rays in the skin. It also restricts the discoloration of the skin. Moisturizer rich in avobenzone or parsol in it shall be applied to prevent the skin from getting dried up. Water based moisturizer shall be used for the oily skin and oil based moisturizer for the dry skin to keep the skin healthy and fit. This is the most basic skin care technique that needs to be carried out by the pregnant women during her pregnancy period.

3. Regular facial or skin massage:

Massaging the face using fragrant oils help to maintain the circulation of the blood properly thereby prevent any blood clotting or discoloration. Also, it helps to keep the expecting woman relaxed and stress free.

4. Treat the acne/pimples:

Generally salicylic acids are the best way of treatment for the acne and skin abrasions. However, the acne during the stages of pregnancy are not treated with salicylic acid or retinoids. It is advisable to avoid using the salicylic acid to treat the acne just as a measure of precaution. Alpha hydroxy acid can be used in place of beta hydroxyl acid to treat the acne.

5. Ample sleep and a balanced diet:

A proper amount of sleep and a proper balanced diet are extremely essential for a pregnant woman. It not only keeps a would-be mother healthy but also helps to maintain the glow and shine of her skin removing the under eye dark circles and discolored patches from various parts of the skin. It helps to maintain an incredible look and imparts an awesome charisma to the personality of the pregnant woman.

Skin Care During Pregnancy
It is the responsibility of the mother to take proper care of her baby inside her. Skin being the exterior surface is exposed to several toxic chemicals. So, it is highly important to restrict the penetration of harmful substances in the skin thereby endangering the life of the mother and the baby as well. Thus the care for the baby is absolutely incomplete without the practice of the efficient pregnancy skin care under the proper guidance of the doctor/ dermatologist.

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Best Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower becomes one of the most memorable moment for the expecting mother, if managed proficiently. This event can be fun and exciting when you choose to plan your way through it carefully. There are countless ways and ideas that you can incorporate to plan and arrange a baby shower. Here are some great shower ideas that your can use to make the experience even more joyous.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Picking Out the Right Baby Shower Invitation

In many countries, it is legal to find out the sex of the unborn baby and plan a baby shower accordingly. However, if you are not aware of the baby’s gender or the parents prefer to keep it a surprise till the baby is born, you can choose shower invitations that are available in neutral colors. Green and yellows are understood to be the most used neutral colors; but, you can also opt for red, orange, grey and any other bright color that’s pleasing to the eyes. You can search for baby shower invitations online as well. Your invitation will declare the theme that you are presenting. Thus, pick one carefully.

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Venue for the Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually held four to six weeks before the estimated due date. Carefully pick out a venue that will be easy for the mom-to-be to travel to. Her comfort comes first.

Themed Baby Showers

Some hosts prefer to go by a theme for the baby. For instance, unicorns, clowns and floral themes are one of the most preferred ones. These themes are not only colorful but also have immense scope to decorate the venue. If you plan to go ahead with a floral theme, make sure to ask the expecting mother if she is allergic to any kind of flower. This will save you from any unexpected surprises.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Planning Shower Games

Here is where you get to break the ice among guests who don’t know each other. Plan games that revolve around the mom-to-be and keep her involved – either as a judge or a participant. If you have picked out games for the expecting mom, take extra care and analyze if the game is safe for her to be played. Also, pick out games for the guests as they will enjoy being a participant. You can come across many games online that will help you in making further arrangements.

Managing Return Gifts

Nowadays, many baby shower hosts arrange return gifts for the guests. There is no need to spend a fortune on return gifts though. Chocolates are a favorite choice.

Baby Shower at Work

If you are planning a baby shower at your workplace for a colleague, remember that there is a space constraint; unless, you have an open space in your office. You can decorate the open space or a conference room with balloons and the gift centerpiece can be placed on the table. Canapés are the best kind of food that you can serve in a lot of varieties at the baby shower. It will be less complicated and fussy. Again, run a check-list with the expectant mother; so, you can choose the right foods that she can enjoy as well.

Best Baby Shower Ideas

Seating Arrangements

If you are planning the baby shower in a banquet hall or a garden, make sure the guests are seated correctly. As we all know, there are some guests who don’t get along with each other. Therefore, you will have to skillfully seat them away from each other. This will reduce the expecting mother’s stress to a great deal.

Fun with Food

There are many caterers who decorate the food items for a baby showers with overflowing cuteness. This adds to a cheer and excitement for the expecting mother as well as the guests. From cupcakes to savory lollipops – anything decorated and adorned with creative baby shower idea will be sensational. Pick out a caterer wisely as the food platter should exhibit that there is someone special on its way.

Remember, the baby shower is all about the mom-to-be. Shower her will all the attention and care. Run the guest list and food items list through her once to be sure you are keeping all her desires in mind. Make here feel loved, cherished and special. That’s all a good baby shower host does.