Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman’s life. The woman can look ravishing during this tenure of her life while there are also high chances of several skin problems during this phase due to the several changes and fluctuations of the hormonal level in the body. Women need to be absolutely cautious to keep their skin healthy to provide obstruction to the toxic materials from entering in the body and affecting the growing baby inside. Thus pregnancy skin care is the prime requirement of a pregnant lady to take into consideration.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Most Common Pregnancy Skin Care Problems:


This is the most common skin problem that is faced by the pregnant women who are generally prone to it. There may also be rashes and discolouration of the skin to a huge extent particularly during this phase of the women.


This is a skin disorder where discolouration of the skin of the face especially the forehead, upper lip and nose takes place. There are possibilities of wrinkles and skin shedding due to the melasma disorder.


PUP which is actually known as the Puerperal Urticaria of Pregnancy is a very irritating disorder that causes mild to severe itching of several parts of the skin. This generally disappears after the delivery and does not cause any harm to the mother or the baby.

Herpes gestationis:

These are some of the pus filled lesions commonly developed on the skin of the abdomen area. This condition can occur during any time of the pregnancy period.
Several important pregnancy skin care techniques shall be followed in order to fight away the skin disorders to a large extent.
Pregnancy skin care is an indispensable item which should never be neglected by the pregnant lady and shall be treated with utmost care.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Step-by-Step Pregnancy Skin Care Procedure:

1. Thorough cleansing:

The skin needs to be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent the dirt from getting accumulated on the skin thereby preventing the skin disorders and eruptions to occur. The cleanser to be used shall be glycerine based and for the very dry skin soap less cleanser shall be used.

2. Applying sunscreen and moisturizing the skin:

In order to prevent unnecessary eruptions and lesions, the skin needs to be moisturized regularly and a sunscreen lotion shall be applied with a minimum content of SPF 15 that prevents the penetration of the ultraviolet rays in the skin. It also restricts the discoloration of the skin. Moisturizer rich in avobenzone or parsol in it shall be applied to prevent the skin from getting dried up. Water based moisturizer shall be used for the oily skin and oil based moisturizer for the dry skin to keep the skin healthy and fit. This is the most basic skin care technique that needs to be carried out by the pregnant women during her pregnancy period.

3. Regular facial or skin massage:

Massaging the face using fragrant oils help to maintain the circulation of the blood properly thereby prevent any blood clotting or discoloration. Also, it helps to keep the expecting woman relaxed and stress free.

4. Treat the acne/pimples:

Generally salicylic acids are the best way of treatment for the acne and skin abrasions. However, the acne during the stages of pregnancy are not treated with salicylic acid or retinoids. It is advisable to avoid using the salicylic acid to treat the acne just as a measure of precaution. Alpha hydroxy acid can be used in place of beta hydroxyl acid to treat the acne.

5. Ample sleep and a balanced diet:

A proper amount of sleep and a proper balanced diet are extremely essential for a pregnant woman. It not only keeps a would-be mother healthy but also helps to maintain the glow and shine of her skin removing the under eye dark circles and discolored patches from various parts of the skin. It helps to maintain an incredible look and imparts an awesome charisma to the personality of the pregnant woman.

Skin Care During Pregnancy
It is the responsibility of the mother to take proper care of her baby inside her. Skin being the exterior surface is exposed to several toxic chemicals. So, it is highly important to restrict the penetration of harmful substances in the skin thereby endangering the life of the mother and the baby as well. Thus the care for the baby is absolutely incomplete without the practice of the efficient pregnancy skin care under the proper guidance of the doctor/ dermatologist.

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