Everyone no matter where you come from has one big story to tell about the most important person in their lives, your mother. We owe all our gratitude in upbringing to our mother; this doesn’t mean that our father parents contributed nothing towards our upbringing. But truth be told, our mothers were the ones who introduced us to this world, and have played the greatest role in the persons we are right now.

Career And Motherhood TipsDue to the changes in the economic conditions of the world today, the traditional father figure playing the sole provider of the family has been replaced with both the parents going to work to try and fend for the family. There has also been an upsurge of single mothers in the world, who have to act as a father and mother to their new born.

Because of the pressure to provide a quality life and education for their children both married mothers and single mothers have been forced to go into employment. The biggest challenge that they always face is trying to balance motherhood and career. This has proved to be a very tricky and challenging affair. Being a professional woman and at the same time a mother can be very difficult considering the fact that they are both stressing, demanding as much as they are rewarding.

Imagine yourself in their shoes, juggling between difficult jobs and motherhood where you have to be a mother to your children, a wife to your husband and to the single mothers, a father and mother to your children. This can be very overwhelming but with proper planning and time management, it is without doubt that you can be successful in both.

Career And Motherhood Tips – Best Balancing Act

Have an organized schedule- this will help you plan on all your house chores and other tasks efficiently. Plan when you will be doing things like laundry, general cleaning, cooking, including picking and dropping off the kids and extracurricular activities not forgetting to create some time to rest. For the married moms you can engage you partner to help you in handling some of the tasks.

Career And Motherhood TipsBe where you are at that moment- by this I mean leave your work at work. Anything related to your work should be left in the office. Make sure that your cell phone is turned off and your laptop left at the office. This enables you to be mindful, giving 100% focus to your work when at work and 100% focus to your children and husband when at home.

Ask for assistance where necessary- the most successful people are those who seek help and receive it. Do not try to be a super human which you are not. You can do this by asking your husband if married, your neighbor, in- laws or even hiring help. This would help you concentrate on one thing and do it to the best.

Stay true to yourself. This would even mean creating quality time to bond with your children and time for your husband if married. This would involve helping your children with their assignments or creating time to take them for a walk or read them stories books. For your husband you might consider going out for a date with him or preparing a special dinner for him. This would mean working at a place that allows employees to be true to them. You also need to put into consideration the fact that some jobs are not right for you.

Try to be the best employee- this one would work for those who have not yet had children. When you still have time to focus on your job, be the best you can. Understand what is wanted of you at work then and if possible how to rise in the ranks. This will help you be more flexible when you are a working mother as the company may allow you to considering you are an outstanding employee.

Create time for yourself- you cannot always be there for everyone. You also need to take care of yourself. You might consider treating yourself to a spar or parlor, hitting the gym, going for a manicure or pedicure or hanging out with your girl friends. It is a method of relaxation and getting of all your stress.

Trying to balance the two demanding duties in your life doesn’t mean that you let one suffer. Have in mind that the key to success is being able to balance the two.

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