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top tips motherhoodWhen a baby enters one’s life, it is always a joy like no other. When you hold your baby for the first time in your arms, you get a strong urge to protect, and an instinct to keep it away from any harm and always be there for them. However, a new parent can be overwhelmed by the newborn’s need for care. The only thought that should always in a parent’s mind is the fact that the baby depends completely on them and so it’s upon them to provide the best for the baby. A baby care guide can be source of relief as it gives tips on how to go about the task. In this article we are going to have a look at some of the essential top tips motherhood which ensure the proper baby care for your bundle of joy.

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Vital Care tips for the Newborn

Having a guide which tells you specifically the dos and donts of effective care for a newborn is very helpful, just like the advice you get from relatives, close family members and friends, as well as other baby care related materials.

Easy To Understand top tips motherhood:


top tips motherhoodhen it comes to matters of baby care, hygiene is very essential and should never be assumed at all cost. Just a little carelessness and the newborn will be down with infections. This is because their immune system is not highly developed. Before handling the baby, ensure your hands are thoroughly washed. Other things which you should also ensure are clean the baby’s bedding, clothes and other things it uses like toys. To reduce the chances of the baby scratching itself, always cut its nails, with a baby nail cutter. This also prevents dirt accumulation under the nails. Sterilizing the baby bottle is also necessary in ensuring effective baby care.

Holding your Baby

Since the baby’s neck is weak and not yet developed, it cannot support the head’s weight. Therefore remember to support the baby’s neck every time you pick it up. Making harsh or sudden movements while handling the baby such as playing with it is likely to hurt the baby because it is still delicate.

At night when the baby is sleeping, place it on its back. For the baby not to develop a flat spot you should alternate the side the baby sleeps on every night. However much the urge to hold the baby maybe, do not wake a sleeping baby as it requires a 16 hour sleep per day.

Comforting and Bonding

top tips motherhoodSince crying is a baby’s only way of passing on a message that something is wrong, a newborn baby is likely to cry a lot. A baby always needs your physical presence to be assured that you are indeed there for him or her. Both parents should therefore spend time holding the baby and talking to it. Babies respond perfectly to sound, and so  soothing tones and a soothing soft voice will not just comfort the baby but will also help in creating a bond.

Actually, bonding with your baby should start when the baby is still in the womb. Research has shown that sounds a baby heard while in the womb are able to soothe it. This may be the song you used to sing or listen to. The baby finds the sound familiar and thus is comforted by it. Every parent has a special way of comforting the baby either using holding positions or soothing sounds or even a combination of both.

Swaddling the baby is one of the comforting methods which works great as it reminds babies of the womb’s security. It is important then to learn how to swaddle the baby.

Baby Feeding

top tips motherhoodFor a newborn, breastfeeding is the most recommended means of feeding the baby rather than giving baby food formulas. This not only provides the needed nutrients to prevent diseases but also helps the baby and the mother to bond. No book should be used to determine how and when a bay is breastfed but it should rather be done every time the baby is hungry. A baby requires to be nursed about 8-10 times a day and you can always do this during breastfeeding. You should consult a doctor when you notice that the bay is losing interest in feeding. Regular weight gain is the only indication that a baby has been properly feeding. To prevent the newborn from getting colicky, you must alway ensure it burps. This is achieved by holding it against you shoulder, not forgetting to support the head and then pat it gently on the back till it burps.

If you follow all the above top tips motherhood, the job of caring for the newborn and giving it the best will be a little easier. So always remember these motherhood tips and you will certainly enjoy every bit of raising up your little ones.